Twin flames or twin souls glow for each other as they are half of a complete soul. To learn about why twin flames separate, click here.

Twin flames or as some say twin souls, are found throughout history. I have covered the religious and historical aspects about this within my book, “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”

Twin flames are two halves of one whole. Remember all living things on Earth have a male and female part proving the twin flames. In union, they are complete. All twin flames derive within each other and find the ultimate completion in the complete union. This union is not just physical but divine throughout time. Tantric and tantra come from Sanskrit Tantrism. Tantric twin flames relate to the divine Father God Shiva and his consort the divine Mother Goddess Shakti. The tantric twin flames Shiva and Shakti and their eternal love story retell the divine power of twin flames.

I want to give you the seeker of this eternal love, some hope and blessings through my belief in twin flames.
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Life is a lesson learned and lived, where some of us find love. Some only live within hope of finding this true love. True, some even fall off the train of love as infatuation, betrayal, and sins of this world overtake the belief within this path.

As a spiritual person, I meditate and try to awaken within the positive cosmic powers of this Earth. I allow the positive energies of this world to take over my negative vibes. I agree, at times the negative energies are stronger and overpower our mind, body, and soul especially when we only find obstacles as our partners of life.

It is then we need to let go of this negativity and find something positive. We need to hold on to the belief that dawn shall break open. After a dark night, dawn appears within this Earth. I had seen a person who had written that within her life, dawn never appears and even if it does, it leaves her within the darkness. So, I told her to light a candle and let this candle be her guide throughout the darkness until dawn appears. I told her to let her inner faith be her glowing hope throughout the dark times.

It is not easy as you can read through the stories of Shiva and Shakti, and see how hard it was even for them.

Maybe it is just a mythology, or as I would tell you, there are millions of people who believe in this belief. It is not the obstacles or how hard it is, but their faith that guided them to each other.

Hinduism has not only given us Shiva and Shakti, but has also brought to us Dhyana or meditation, yoga, and spirituality.

For me personally, it is not one religion, but all religions in union talk about love and blessings. As one recites “Hail Mary” on the Rosary beads, another recites, “Om Namah Shivaya” on the Rudraksha beads. I am blessed as I too fall off at times and break out in tears. A friend of mine holds on to me as she recites my written prayers back to me. She reminds me of my own words, “Where there is no hope, there is but one.”

I asked her what she was praying for. She answered, she was not praying for herself but for me. I asked her why?

She answered, she loved my complete faith in twin flames and that I await for my twin flame with complete faith.

She told me she prayed, may my faith always be there and may I find my twin flame as may he find me too.

As I watched her wearing her purity ring, I knew she would always wait for her twin flame with complete faith in this universe and the positive vibes.

I prayed for her, myself, and all of you whom wait with complete faith in your twin flames. Find a good friend who also believes in your path and your inner faith. It matters not that if one is a Christian and one is a devoted Hindu.

What happens in between when this lonely path seems too long and the waiting never ends?

At times, life seems miserable. Nothing ends. No solution is found. That is when we need to awaken ourselves from this misery and find something to hold on to and get us through. I am lucky I have found my friends who became my support. You could call them, my walking cane.

Let us be better humans and unite all race, color, and religion into one home of love and honor. We have so much love to give one another. We can create a loving home, neighborhood, and a country which shall unite this world into one home.

“Faith is believing, not questioning.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

I know this truth and I know the eternal truth is believing in the positive vibes. Through this path of positivity, you shall find your true love who too waits for you.

The question is not “if we will find them” or “how.” Rather, when we find them, we will be there for them.

Look into Shiva and Shakti as history has given us this immortal love story of tantric twin flames to be guided by. Within my book, I walk through the Abrahamic and mythological religions, and their views on twin flames.

As always throughout my books, I also talk about scientific facts where they are available. My point of view is also always portrayed throughout the book.

My hope for all of you is to light the candles of hope tonight and keep them glowing within your inner soul.

Believe the other glowing candle who is searching for you will find you, as you find him or her.

Did I find my twin flame? He is within my soul as I too keep my candles of hope glowing for him. I believe my love for him and his love for me shall unite us throughout eternity.

Believe in yourself and your twin flame.

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Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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