What is a twin flame?



Do you believe in soulmates? What about twin flames? Do you know the difference between these terms?

What does religion say about love?

How about science, and the scientific scholars? What are their thoughts on this subject?

For all the answers, walk with me through the pages of my upcoming book where I have walked through these questions. Within this sacred book, I will guide you through my personal perspective and the answers as seen through my eyes.

I have received numerous questions asking whether I believe in soulmates and twin flames. Yes, I do believe in this sacred bond. I believe in love and know this is a sacred journey for the sacred mind. For me personally, my immense love for my Lord, my Creator has been the biggest blessing of the beyond.

I don’t believe in short term or forced unions.

Love is the meditation of the meditative mind. I believe these days, love, soulmates, and twin flames have lost their true meaning and blessings. Life is a blessing. Let us not waste this blessed journey in the wrong lane. Do not let the sins of this world waste your blessings from the beyond.

Love is a two way lane, like my Lord’s love for me awakened my inner spiritually to love my Lord beyond and above anything.

Why do you question yourself, does he love me too? This is a question the lost and stranded lovers have within their minds. Where there is doubt, there is always something wrong. Working on your relationship is honorable as even within true soulmates, we the travelers must keep on moving as the journey is a long one. The journey of the united couple is complete when the memories are left within the blessed path of the future travelers to be guided by. If the question bothers you, then try to figure out the answer in union.

Love is a sacred path The Lord, The Creator has blessed all humans with.

Keep this path sacred and never let this journey be contaminated within sins. Today, I have seen the travelers taking a journey through a one night stand, or those of you whom have forced yourselves to invade into a couple’s united path to only break them up. Humans have done this from the beginning of time and this shall continue till the end of time.

Do not fear the sin or sinners, but remain upon your blessed path. Don’t fall off the road for anyone. If in between the journey, your partner falls off and leaves you, then remember your twin flame shall find you. Your twin flame shall arrive like a miracle. Believe in the miracles of the beyond and never lose hope.

For me, love like all other blessings in life, is pure and clean. I believe where there is sin, there is nothing left. Where there is purity and cleanliness, I find all my blessings.

If today you are amongst the blessed to have found your soulmate or twin flame, I give you my blessings. Those of you who are still searching like myself, let us pray in union, blessed be the will of my Lord.

I believe twin flames shall find each other even if not in one life, then in another.

Never give up on hope. Throughout my life, when I found myself lost and stranded, the glowing candles of hope came knocking from the beyond. Keep the lanterns glowing within your soul for the other soul that but searches for you will see the glow of hope and arrive. Love all around you. Be positive and always avoid the catastrophic storm which we all know by her given name, sin.

Love is born within the pure souls of the pious and the blessed, for love comes from Heavens above, gifted to us upon this Earth by our Beloved Lord, our Creator.

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UPDATE: My tenth book has been released! For more on soulmates, twin flames, and the difference between the two, along with many more spiritual questions answered, get your copy right here!


Ann Marie Ruby

*The cover image is of my eighth book, “Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.”



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