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Impersonating to be another person is a crime. I only bring this up because there is a person trying to copy my name. She even is using quotes from online to be like me. I guess she does not know all quotes are copyrighted and must have the writer’s name on them.

My books and all my work are copyrighted, but how do I copyright my identity if someone impersonates to be like me?

Yesterday, I had awakened from sleep as I saw a strange dream.

A woman was digging in front of my cottage trying to enter my house. I watched The Holy Archangels appear as they said, “Even when there is no one, there is hope, for we are always watching over you.” I felt blessed. Yet, as I had awakened, I felt scared what was going on. I called my PR team and told them I wanted to take a break from everything and pray as I felt something is not quite right.

In about an hour, my PR team called as they told me a woman has been trolling me for a while. My PR and I ignored her thinking just another person.

She has been sending weird messages and has since changed her name three times in about an hour to match my name on Instagram.

I will let all social media know about this, but my question was why?

I wondered why has this woman started to do this. Yet, I have no clue. I guess she is following or a fan of someone I follow. I wondered what do people think these days. This woman is using other people’s photos which I would never say anything about as that’s not my job. Criticizing another person is wrong, so I would not criticize anyone.

I thought if only I had someone here next to me to help me through all of these obstacles of life. I chose to live a celibate life. At times, I think of becoming a nun or like a nun to just forget all of these obstacles and devote my life to my Lord.

Then, I realized that’s wrong as I know I could devote my life to my Lord and have a husband and a family as then in union we would hold on to all whom need our help and guidance.

Again in life, I will not let one woman take me off of my path and run into a cave.

I ask all to be celibate from all sins, celibate from criticizing, and celibate from doing the wrong thing.

If you have changed your identity to be another person, then this is a serious crime I will not allow, nor will my PR team take it lightly. They will be on top of it.

My only complaint is why?

If you follow a celebrity, a politician, or a public figure, that is fine. Do remember your own dignity and never go beyond your basic moral values.

Life is a lesson learned through the path we travel upon. If you are digging to enter the wrong lane, the Earth has the Earthly police force that shall get you. Then, remember you can hide from all Earthly people but not from my Lord, my Creator.

I had another blessed dream I had to share today as this woman in reality has become a stalker. As I mentioned, now in the same day, she changed her name three times to match mine. Yet, I know who I am and who my Lord is. I know all the wrong of this world is just that, wrong. Admire someone for their work. Give all public figures privacy to their own life.

As an author and influencer, I know I am a public figure.

Please give me some privacy too. I love all of you and I shall use my pen and paper to do only good as this world is our one home where we must protect one another. Life is a journey where I am the traveler who shall keep writing for you.

My tenth book is on her way to publication. I absolutely love the way the 3D cover turned out. I love my PR team for staying behind the pictures, yet devoting so much of their blessed life to help me.

My eleventh book too shall be out to publication soon. Regarding the blessed magazine, that is coming soon. We have had photo shoots which I will share with you.

(You can follow me on Amazon to be notified of my book releases!!!)

In this particular picture, I had screamed and jumped up in fear as my friend who is a photographer was joking whether there were snakes nesting under the branch over the pond. My photographer said, “Ann Marie, they are harmless. Don’t bother them and they won’t bother you.”

Photo shoot for my upcoming magazine

Ann Marie Ruby

Behind the scenes

Ann Marie Ruby

I ran with my high heels trying to go as far away from them as possible. There were other women there trying to get me to sit on that branch again. All were brave except me. I left bare feet. I thought about it as they all broke into laughter, it would have been smarter to walk in my shoes. That is the story behind these pictures.

On the case of the impersonator, I know my Lord is watching over, so I shall be in peace.

I also got questions from so many of you asking what kind of a man I would marry.

Not a doctor or a politician or a lawyer, maybe a farmer, or a teacher, or an author, or the one who was made for me.

Another question is, do I love being on twenty acres of land?

I thought I did. However, a few days ago I heard a neighbor shooting at a deer, as it is allowed here. I watched the deer run into my land to hide from him. I started to cry and asked my Lord to help as I can’t take this and I felt like enough of a country life. This girl needs to go back to the city.

Why I am a vegetarian?

I believe the above question answers this one. After some dreams and contemplating on animal rights, I became a vegetarian.

Could I interpret your dreams?

As a dream psychic, yes I could but you also must be completely honest about your situation. As each dream is so individualistic, I don’t believe identical dreams have identical meanings. Your life situation reflects your complete dream meaning. So, if you read through a book to decode and get upset, don’t. I have seen the individual recalling the dream has so much impact on his or her own dreams that the meanings change completely. I also believe all dreams are positive as we are shown these dreams to be guided by so how could the dream be bad? It’s all good.

What is a sin in my eyes?

Strange question, but I had to answer. Aside from the commandments, I believe anything that goes against the basic moral values is a sin. I also believe judging a person is a sin unless we have seen the person commit the crimes. I believe for me, being celibate is a sacred gift, as is being a vegetarian, and on top of it, I keep my basic moral values always within my basket of breads.

If you have any questions regarding dreams please feel free to contact me.

Remember, I love you all. Be positive and spread positive vibes from your soul to all around you.

Tonight, please say a prayer for me too. May The Lord guide me out of all the obstacles life but brings. With positive vibes, I know I shall always walk. Be there for me as always I am there for you.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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