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I am a spiritually devoted person. I live my life within the path of my Lord. I live within basic moral values as to what is sin and not. I had a dream, where I saw I walked into a beautiful house. A cottage with a beautiful garden, where the doors were all open with only curtains blowing in the breeze. I walked in and saw on the walls of the house it read “House of the Archangels.” I stopped and wondered what am I doing here? I walked right into this house. I saw Archangel Michael in meditation, in a room which said his name. One after another room, had the names of The Archangels.

As I passed all the rooms, I walked into a room so familiar to me as I knew this room. I walked in and on the wall was my name, strange next to my name was another name, a strange name as I had no clue who he was. It said Soulmates Unite Forever. I saw the name as he walked in and I asked who he was, he repeated his name and asked how long I have been looking for him, then my dream broke. I remember his name, which I won’t mention as I am single and believe these are signs from Heaven. I have had a hard struggled life where obstacles have landed upon my door, one after another.

At times, I too, felt hopeless and lost but then I always stood up on my two feet as I held onto the hands of my Lord. I still search for him, my soulmate, but realized I have found my Lord, my Creator, God, as I know as long as I have my Creator in my mind, body, and soul, all else shall come with time. Life is a test and may we all pass this test as we are all the judged by the One And Only Judge. I have written prayers, as I have promised in another dream I would, I shall share that dream another time. From my soul, I give you my prayer book. Please accept this as a gift from a friend.

Blessings from Seattle,

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