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Life’s untold stories get lost in the pages of history. May our stories told or untold, be of a positive guidance to one and all of humanity. The human life is so important as it caries the spiritual guidance for all of the future. From the past, we can be of a help to the future as we send our encouragements to travel time through the pages of history. We can achieve this through the most powerful tool in existence called words.

I have taken help from this powerful tool as they have become my companion of life to help all I can through positive encouragements, positive vibes.

From my soul to all souls searching for peace and love. May you awaken spiritually and be the positive vibe for the future generations even though your name may not be recorded in the pages of history. May all of us be the positive inspiration for all of whom are to be born in the future. Spread the blessings through the air we breathe and awaken spiritually. Meditate and be the meditative soul all are looking for. From each house, may we light a peace candle in the wind which shall carry the messages to all of eternity as it spreads throughout the future.

Find the peace and inspiration in my prayer books as I give them to you all as a peaceful guide through your blessed journey of life. Be in peace, as you spread peace.

Blessings from Seattle,

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