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My fourth book is coming out tonight Spiritual Journey: Life’s Eternal Blessings. My journey of life has had struggles and blessings which I have learned to live with. At all times, I know life is a journey we all have embarked upon.

How we cope with life is an individual journey where sometimes we can choose and at other times we land upon a door that we don’t agree with but have to deal with. At that point, may you all find the help, the support, the friend, whom but can give a helping hand or support just by being there. I have had times when just a smile or a good compliment was all I was looking for. I knew it was then I found my Creator always waiting without any words or comments.

So I told my Lord how much I love my Creator. All my love, I poured out in my prayer book for my Creator. I then started to write inspirational quotations or as I call words of support at times we all need. I was looking for support from within when I was lost, so I have written my heart filled prayers and inspirational quotations for all of you whom might be in my position and need a friend called words. As I wrote in one of my books: “Words are painful so don’t throw them out and live to regret. Words are powerful too, so do use them as a gift.”

Information on my books and where to get them is available here on my blog for all of you. The fourth one will be available tonight.

Blessings from Seattle,

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