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Dreams are a form of reincarnation. Through dreams, the mind, body, and soul reincarnate and take a new birth. My dreams have guided me towards the rejuvenation of life. Taking the dreams and awakening with them is a struggle we must endure and overcome. The awakening of the soul is a sacred spiritual journey that we must undertake through the obstacles of life.

At every corner of life, there is an obstacle awaiting for us. Like in my book I wrote, “Obstacles are teachers of life, once we have crossed it we have learned our lessons.” The journey of life is a hard fought victory that we all must undertake. Throughout this journey we need a friend called support. We need a friend called encouragement. We need friends called the prayers. I had a hard time finding any one of these friends throughout my journey of life.

So it is then I thought, I shall become your friend as you need them. For this I have written the prayers, the encouragement, and the support you might need in my books. Find them as a friend throughout the journey of your life. Know a friend was in your shoes who has written these words from her soul. For all who are seeking a friend, who will be there without any judgement. For how can we the judged be the judge? I give you my books.

Blessings from Seattle,

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