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I promised some I would write why I wrote my books. I had a dream. In it, I was walking by the river and had papers in my hands. I knew I had written prayers throughout my life which helped me. In my dream, I could hear the sounds of fear, cries, and just people asking for help. I then saw I knelt down and started to cry. As a human, I wanted to help. But how? I am just a woman, who is fighting the struggles of life. In my hand, I saw I had prayers. I started to fill them in bottles and let them float in the rivers, as I watched them float I knew they would reach the desired destination. Then, I woke up as I knew then I must publish my books. So now three of my books are out. The prayer book I call, “Spiritual Songs.” Also two quotations books, “Spiritual Travelers” and “Spiritual Messages.” 

Life is a sacred spiritual journey filled with obstacles.

We have physical and emotional challenges along with all the other challenges we must cross. This journey is made easier as we have support, for this journey never stops. During these lonely nights, accept my prayer book as your support. I would be there personally if I could. I had been the lonely scared one and if only there could have been some support, I prayed and my Creator was my support throughout my ups and downs. Through my dreams, I have found the courage to write for all of the creation of The Creator. I have the prayer book, and my quotations for all, out in the stores. If only I could, I would send them off to all who want them. Accept them from your heart as they come from my heart. Available now on and

Blessings from Seattle,

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