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With the sound of music, the breezing wind, the pouring rain is but a wonderful journey nature but endows upon all of the creation. Nature in its true glory is the canvas of The Creator. I have acquired all my inspiration, motivation, and blessings from Mother Earth. All the inspiration a soul needs to be awakened spiritually is but within Mother Earth. The meditative soul is the eternal blessings of peace and harmony. Peace and harmony is the eternal blessings of The Creator. All we need to do is awaken from within our soul and as each one of us but awakens, it is then peace shall blossom within Mother Earth. Mother Earth watches over us each and every day as she prays may we but awaken spiritually and help awaken all.

I live my life to awaken and unite all spiritually awakened children of The Creator.

I love my Creator, how can I not love the creation? All my books I have written as part of my share to spiritually awaken all of whom but want to be awakened. All of my books are written with love and peace as my support, and the creation and The Creator as my inspiration. My inspirational quotations are all a daily inspiration from an awakened soul. My prayer book has been written with all the creation of The Creator in my mind, as these prayers are from a soul to her Creator.

No religion, race, or color in mind but just a blessed creation who has today as a blessing and before today is over and tomorrow never comes, this creation wants all creation to know there is no bridge separating you from your Creator. Tears spill from my eyes as I see all this separation between the creation of The Creator. How can I be in peace when a child is lost as to how she can call her Creator, in which house does she go to pray in, what name does she call The Lord. My answer is simple. Any name you want to or any house your heart but finds peace in for all are trying to find the same path, the path to my Creator.

So in union, let’s pray there is no difference, and no putting the other one down only to place yourself up.

Just in union, with peace as our guide, and love for all creation in our soul, let’s be spiritually awakened. May you find peace in your soul and as a support all throughout your journey of life. May my books be of an inspiration as you journey through your life in your way on your path in peace for peace as you walk with all different race, color, and religion with love, for love, for is it not true we all love our Creator. Let my books be an inspirational guide.

Blessings from Seattle,

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