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Today I want to reassure all whom are going through the storms of life, remember there is always hope. If you are sick or healthy, or you are broke or rich, if your eyes are pouring out or dry and have no more tears, whatever you are going through remember there is always hope. Life is a gift from The Creator to the creation. When all is lost and nothing but is found, it is even then The Creator still watches over all of the creation. Share your thoughts with one, The Creator, for even when all is ignorant to your stories of life, The Creator is always there.

Let go of all the negativity and regrets and bring in all the positivity from this universe. Watch and know even the sky is pouring her tears out for us, the Earth blooming colorful flowers to see if this would bring back one small smile on to our faces. The Earth is our shelter, the sky is the roof over our head and the winds blow air to cool our soul as the sun wraps a warm blanket over us. Share this with your soul and even for one minute do meditate and awaken spiritually.

Let go of all the negativity and bring all the positivity into your soul. May all pure souls on this earth find peace and cleanse their inner spirit with positivity. For all positivity and blessings, do pick up my books. I would have delivered them myself if only I could. My books are available at the link below.


Blessings from Seattle,

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