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Meditation cleanses the spiritual soul. Through meditation, peace is found within the meditative soul. I awakened through meditation as all worldly struggles had landed upon my door. I opened the door to peace and spiritually through meditation. I realized life is more then just me, yes true I hurt, I feel the pain, and all of this is hard but I love my Lord more then my pain, or struggles.

I love my Lord first and that is why I love all of the creation. That’s when I found peace as I had opened the windows and doors and accepted peace first. Open the windows and doors of your soul on this spring day. Accept peace and blessings as she knocks upon your door and awaits your acceptance. Remember you don’t need to travel to the Himalayas or the ocean to meditate, just open your heart to peace and she will guide you towards her. Start with opening your heart to peace and blessings and let love for all the creation of the Creator be your first step.

May you find peace within your soul as you become the first one to spread peace throughout this one world, of the One Creator. Be in peace as you spread peace. Blessings from Seattle.

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Blessings from Seattle,

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