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No obstacle is but an obstacle and no burden is but a burden if we have the blessings of The Creator, The Omnipotent. I have written prayers to my Creator for it was in my dream. I call it my destiny that I have chosen for myself.

My love for my Creator has transformed my soul to love each and all of my Lord’s creation. For all feel, bleed, and immerse ourselves in the sorrows and sweet joys of life.

There is no difference in the eyes of The Creator so there is no difference in my eyes for I am but a creation who loves all of you as I see my Creator in each and all of you. Today on this day, once say with me you too love all of the creation of The Creator. Let us not be the judge for remember we are but the judged. Wake up spiritually and free your inner soul from all the sins of the human mind and body as you awaken with me spiritually. Love all the creation of The Creator. Be in peace as you spread peace. Blessings from Seattle. Visit my blog for all the information about my prayer book. May you find peace as you go through the book.

Blessings from Seattle,



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