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Physical and emotional pain is a battle that I want all of us to conquer through spirituality, through meditation, through prayers for the human soul, from the human soul. Through meditation, spiritual awakening, and positivity, we can conquer the battle over physical and emotional pain. First step, believe in yourself. I am no expert in meditation or healing, but I have conquered the obstacles by believing in myself and awakening from inside. I believe you can meditate anywhere and anytime as long as you believe in the ultimate peace, let go of all the negative energy and bring all the positive energy from this universe on to your plate.

ALWAYS KNOW THERE IS HOPEThe unseen enemy, the obstacles of life, become easier to handle as we know life is but a gift from The Creator to the creation. I take the journey of like as a day. I have written a prayer in which I have said, “Life On This Earth Is But A Day.” We have this whole day to share with all of the creation of The Creator. Tomorrow is another day for the future. Let us be the teachers from the past as we send our messages through the winds of time to the future. Please know time passes by us, so today may we be the positive energy for the future.

There is always hope for tomorrow, for even when time passes by us the present, it is then, you the future who must continue this journey, we the past have created for you with positivity and blessings.

Wake up spiritually and meditate, guide your mind, body, and soul to awaken spiritually.

Always know there is always hope, for where there is no hope, even then there is hope for there we see our Creator smiling as the sun breaks through the dark skies and sends us the creation a glimmer of hope.

Be in peace, spread peace. Visit my my blog for all of my books. May my books be a glimmer of hope for all.

Blessings from Seattle,

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