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Life is a sacred spiritual journey where we must live with all different race, color, and religion. We are all born the same with complete pure innocence. As the struggles of life land upon our door, we change, we become critical and judgmental.

It is easy to be the critic, but to be criticized is a path I hope the critic travels upon first. I always write my quotations on these soft subjects, as I was the critic and the criticized. I was the wounded and the healer today. My journey has landed me with four books, I have written with complete spiritual awakening.

I still travel the path as I am the traveler trying to find peace for myself as my life’s goal is to find peace and spread peace. Join me as you find peace within yourself and spread peace amongst all as you too take this journey of spiritual awakening with me. Be in peace, as you spread peace.

Blessings from Seattle,


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