Winter comes upon our door as as she reminds me, cold winter nights are but here. Even my puppy refuses to go out for a long walk. He sits around the Christmas tree as he knows there are gifts for him under the tree by the warm fireplace.

Tonight as the cold chilly weather finds her way to us, I sit with a chilly feeling within my soul, as I think what is going on within this world.

The world I love so much has but arrived upon the door of division. A woman recently attacked a man in New York City in what was a racist hate crime. Another incident had taken place not far away from New York, but within Virginia, which is also in the the east coast of the USA

Passersby have recorded her on their phones but that’s all they could do.

I asked myself, why could you all not stand up and give this person protection from the unjust? Where did this woman get her courage, to attack an innocent passenger within a crowd? Why does she think she is greater than the others? How did we the humans go backwards. Where is this unjust coming from?

Within my life, I always thought different race, color, and religion are but the colors of a beautiful rainbow shining upon the skies. I am reminded we the humans walk today without humanity. I know we the humans with basic moral values would stand up to protect the innocent. We just need to gather our courage to stand up and awaken ourselves from within.

If fears of being judged by others but prevents you from saying the right thing, then you are not a friend, but an enemy of the innocent. If any human carries upon their souls gathered hate towards another race, color, or religion, then you do not belong within the human race.

How could you be any different from the attacking beast?

What is the difference between a human and an animal. I thought it was our basic moral values that but differentiates us from an animal?

I had driven by a road where I had seen a Mosque, a Mandir, a Synagogue, a Church, and a Buddhist temple, were all sitting a few minutes apart. There were people walking and talking amongst each other. I thought to myself, so is this peace? As I returned home and heard again there were attacks on minorities, I though but why?

Today, I ask a mother to stand up for all the children of this world tonight. I ask a father to stand up for all the children of this world. Also, I ask the teachers to stand up for all the children of this world. I ask the world leaders to stand up unitedly against discrimination and let there not be any tears falling from another set of eyes tonight.

What could I, a single woman, do to awaken all humans to humanity?

I asked myself this question as I had started my writing journey through words. For the wellbeing of all humans, I had started to write out my thoughts. Through the pages of my books, through my blog, I the unknown might touch your inner soul. Maybe just one word of wisdom, one prayer said from the inner soul, would help you to leave behind your ugly thoughts.

Tonight, stand in front of the mirror and take a look through your inner soul. Did you like the woman and her ugly characteristics that had attacked an innocent? I pray her children one day sees the video and asks her, but why?

Also, I pray that even her own children don’t get screamed at for looking different like her victim.

I know incidents like this one, are but happening all across this globe.

Hate crimes have increased as divided we have become.

I also know you do exist, the one with humanity within your soul. You the one who fights for animal rights, you the one who fights for climate control. Today, you the awakened human, please find within your soul the strength to fight for all humans alike.

Let us not divide against each other but in union let us solve the problems we all face. Be the rainbow shining upon the skies, be the unifier not the divider. Be known to all as you build a human bridge of protection against all the wrong. For it is tomorrow your future generation but shall ask, but why?

I ask you all, the powerful attackers, is it not your Creator who but created this human you but attack?

So, therefore, who are you attacking, your victim or your Creator?

Tonight, oh the children of this world, as you turn into bed, please say a well wishing prayer for all of the humans across this globe. For as the world food crisis, the world health crisis, are being dealt with, let us not create another world hate crisis.

Let there be love within your soul, for all, even if they don’t share this value. As you walk and hold onto your moral values do spread them like hot cakes within the cold winter nights. Light the candles of hope for all to be guided by. As your house shines like the lighthouse, she shall guide all the lost and stranded.

I ask all of you to awaken to one human race.

No religion, no color, but just humanity. I try to stay warm as I wrap myself within my favorite shawl. I know even when all seems dark and no sight of daylight is to be found, dawn is but around the corner.

Let the rays of the blessed morning sun, enter you mind, body, and soul. Awaken within human spirituality and learn to love yourself first, then love all humans alike. Dawn approaches our doors, as we waited for her throughout the night patiently. In this dawn, be the ray of hope for all humans alike.

My ray of hope is but you, my reader, the human with humanity. For the wellbeing of this one world, awaken spiritual blessings within your inner soul known to all as humanity.

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The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic

Blessings be upon all, 

*The image used was taken during my trip in the Netherlands. 

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