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My 5 original quotes for the day:

Are you lost in the dark cold ocean of life? Find the glittering hope within your soul and hold onto it, for it is your blessed life jacket.

Mother Earth keeps all the memories alive within her chest as she plants the seeds of hope all over the world.

Walk within your lane and don’t cross the roads until you have reached your destination for destiny is but your chosen destination.

Prayers are but words placed upon the pages of life as you but live life and teach all how to live.

Love, joy, and sacrifice to one are but all the love and blessings of another.

Peace is but alive within the souls of the peace keepers, like a lighthouse they spread peace to all the lost and stranded sailors trying to find peace.

Miracles are but hidden within everything we see, yet do not see. Love, the biggest miracle of life I wait for and may my eyes not miss this miracle of life.

Love is a two way street all the way to and all the way back. In the middle, two become a one way street.

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