Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul through the pages of your memories. Turn the pages back and walk through your life firsthand. What do you see? Who do you see? Do you like the person looking at you through the mirrors of the past?

I have done that as I had awakened and knew this peaceful awakening will take place after I walk through the pages of my memories.

I must walk upon the road where I could see my past, my present, my future, and the future I would like to see for myself.

Yet, I did not wipe off the past. I must live through the present and somehow walk upon the future I want to see myself at. I learned from my own past as I brought to myself as a gift the learned lessons from the past. Also, I knew this class I must attend with all the learned lessons of the past within my books. I must rewrite the path I want to see myself within the near future.

I knew I was a blessed child and had seen a life which had given me the path I did not want to be in.

Within my life, the people around me had the moral values I did not want to follow yet I was lucky to have them around and differentiate between what I had wanted and what I should avoid. Friends are just that friends until our paths differ as we must choose the path for ourself. I know for me personally, at times it was difficult to realize what I had wanted and at that time I prayed for guidance. Prayers for me was my only solitude at the time I had nothing. Miracles were my life partners as from the unknown and unseen I was always guided.

I knew I had seen adults giving advice to the young, which path to follow and what to avoid. Yet, their life stories tell you otherwise. I realized they must have walked upon the wrong path. That is why they are giving advice from experience. I learned to not criticize but accept the criticism as criticism was my teacher in disguise. Hard at times and at times, I would ask “why me” but I realized I too must be the teacher for all the future yet to come. I must stay on the right track. Then, I can guide all how to be upon this track. I chose my path as I continued the journey of my life.

To be celibate I chose, to be upon a path I felt was right for me even though I had fought with the winds and the waves going against me.

I had a battle with myself and all the people around me. Should I be in a group of people who I consider my friends, my family, and everything I have? Or move on and just be different? Keep a bond with all of whom have come upon your life. Never be the one to give pain or criticize. Yet, take the criticism of all and just awaken yourself first.

For my belief is, was, and always shall be celibacy is a very strong word. You could be celibate from sins like lying, like stealing, or not hurting another soul with your words, from daily doses of sins.

A kind elderly woman I had encountered had fourteen children. She was celibate from all sins of life as she had declared upon her death bed. She had told all she has restrained from all known sins and she repented, redeemed, and awakened as she had closed her eyes to this world and walked to the other world where she does not have to fight for peace but be in peace.

I believe all humans with the repented souls are but pure and clean.

To change this world you must change yourself first. Awaken yourself first, then all around you shall be blessed. I had awakened spiritually first then all around me had respected my spirituality. I found out not a single person seemed like a sinner or is on the wrong path. For me personally, all I see now is how all of the people are just trying to repent, redeem, and awaken within their own time and selves.

I was on the wrong as I should never judge another soul for how would I know what situation the other person is in. I don’t know if another soul too just like me cries to her Lord for all humans alike. However, I do know I will never judge another soul as I do not want to be judged by anyone but my Creator.

It is so easy to love all the humans around me as I breathe only positive vibes around me and I let go of all the negativities from my soul.

I ask all of you to do this even for a day. Awaken spiritually and let go of all negativities around you. I promise the world around you will be just like your dream.

Yes, there will always be negativities and sin all around us. Even if they do exist, let us be the positive energy all positive souls are but seeking.

Be the blessing your soul but seeks and you too shall find upon your path true blessings.

Awaken yourself first, be in peace as you spread peace.

Blessings from Seattle,


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