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Feeling is but the power of spiritual healing.

I believe the power of all healing resides in the power of personal feelings. “Feel first, then heal,” is but the insight to spirituality.

When a person ends up in a doctor’s office, he or she is asked “How are you feeling?”

Personal feelings are the only path to healing.

I know personally this is a blessing. As a young teenager I had my gold bladder removed as I was in intensive pain for a long period of time, yet no one had been able to diagnose the problem until a newly graduated doctor had his intuition and he had found out he was right and it was the first step to my recovery. After that event, I had told the doctor, “I am so happy to know what is wrong with me. I am not worried about anything else.” The doctor had replied that is so strange hearing from a patient who is about to enter surgery.

After the recovery, I had hugged the doctor. I told him I would forever remember his words, his personal intuition. After all the technology we have within our hands, it still goes down to the basic intuition of the human mind. I knew for me this journey through life is possible because of my feelings, the physical pain, and a doctor’s personal intuition or his personal feelings.

Physical or be it emotional, the human mind, body, and soul are but connected through our personal feelings, our personal perspective.

If a person is able to heal themselves through feeling the pain physically, then they can also heal their personal emotions through meditation. The mind, body, and soul are interconnected through this spirituality we all have within ourselves. Each individual is an individual healer of his or her own pain, for feeling is but the first step of healing.

Today if you are experiencing any pain be it physically or spiritually, know the power of healing also rests upon your hands as you journey through life. Take the first step and believe in your own strength of healing. Believe in the miracles of the beyond. Call upon your inner self to awaken within the spiritual wisdom. Hold on to the hands of faith and feel the miracles spread through your inner self as you take the first steps to a complete spiritual awakening.

Meditation, yoga, reiki, your complete spiritual awakening, are all within you. If you are a spiritual person or not, believe in yourself as an individual soul who seeks the truth of the beyond. For a few minutes, walk away from all of these worldly activities. Just hold on to the beyond.

Let go of all of your inner fears and have faith.

I believe there is no one way or a prescription to this path. You alone have the power. Remember within this world, all humans enter and leave on their own. It is that particular reason, I believe you alone can awaken your inner self to the peace and healing you but desire.

As a dream psychic, I have been blessed to have this miraculous awakening. However, because of this enlightenment I also believe all humans hold an equal power to the spiritual wisdom of life through faith and feelings of the personal mind, body, and soul. I believe you must awaken yourself first. Take a step at a time. Hold on to the hands of truth, just, and honor as you take this journey for yourself by yourself guided by your own wisdom.

Life is a complete miracle in itself. Believe in the miracles of life as you take the journey to your first miracle through your personal senses. Use them as your guide. Know you alone can awaken yourself. I believe in you. Today, I want you to believe in yourself. Know if your mind, body, soul connect to faith, honor, and just, and you hold on to the goodwill of this world – you shall be victorious.

No spiritual gurus can awaken you if you are asleep and refuse to awaken.

It is your alarm clock that awakens you with your own will. Awaken yourself. You alone know the complete truth of your mind, body, and soul, for you alone feel your pain. Let go of all the negativities of this world as you awaken spiritually.

If it helps, each time I meditate I think of a personal dream I had. In the dream, I was swimming through a river which was infested with snake poison. I knew in my dream all around me people were just standing, waiting, and not doing anything to help me. Yet, I had decided to swim through this river and I was successful as with faith I overcame my obstacles. I take the message with me throughout my life. I had to awaken with complete faith to get to where I wanted to be.

You can also achieve this goal with complete faith and support from the doctors, and the scientific, religious, mystical, and psychic communities.

Remember you alone must swim through the obstacles you have upon yourself.

You can achieve this goal as you do it with complete faith, honor, and dignity. I always carry upon the journey of my life, the well being of all souls around me including my own self. Therefore, I know even throughout all the obstacles of life, I will always hold on to the hands of faith, honor, and just. I have awakened myself first. Now I want you all to awaken yourselves too. You are driving this earthly vehicle (human body) of yours. Please drive awakened not while you are but asleep.

Everyone reading this blog, try to awaken yourself spiritually through your mind, body, and soul. Connect your will and wisdom through the powers of belief through the most powerful gifts we the humans but have upon us, which I believe is feelings.

Feel first, then heal.

Blessings from Seattle,


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  1. This is so insightful. It makes me wonder how so many of us tend to skip the feeling portion and try to skip straight to healing. We want to fix something that we don’t yet understand. Meditation is something I need to look into more. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can relate to this post so much and I understand you saying that you were happy you knew what was wrong and was no longer worried about anything else. The way the mind and body is connected is an incredible thing and I do believe that spiritual healing can do a lot to help with a persons problems.


  3. Loved reading this post! I can relate to your being happy you knew what was wrong, I’ve had that many times. Meditation is next on the cards for me to try.

  4. Excellent read! I enjoy your insight into healing, and the power we have to guide ourselves. It’s comforting to know that, even in times of difficulty, we have capabilities beyond our immediate recognition.

    1. Completely true as this is why I have taken pen to paper and through words I would like to spread that there is always hope beyond all closed doors. We must knock, seek, and ask, for the doors to open. Blessings from Seattle.

  5. Fantastic post! I have been a believer in spiritual healing my whole life however a couple of months ago I realised that I can use Spiritual healing to heal myself. I have MS and had surrendered to it however My spiritual healer has given me the belief and trust, that I have the power to heal myself and it is from within. I am on a different path now and it feels great! Thank you for affirming my beliefs that I am going to achieve my dreams.

    1. I believe we the humans have the power of spiritual healing within our mind, body, and soul! We have been guided throughout time. Sometimes we accept it, and sometimes we have walked past these guided tours of time. The mystics, spiritual healers, religious scholars, and scientists, prove that all agree upon spiritual healing. The first step is to open your door through faith, hope, and belief. Dreams are just dreams until you have opened the door to reality. I am blessed to know that you have found the path to your dreams, to your hope, and helped yourself heal from within! Don’t ever stop believing, even amongst all the hurdles of life. Life is a blessing. I am extremely glad that you found a positive vibe within my post. Blessings from Seattle.

  6. In Indian context we believe an enlightenment happen to people after attaining multiple grades of spiritual consciousness in several births. Due to this they gain mystic boons, spiritual Healing is one such boon. With this one can heal self as well as cure others.

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