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Within a foggy stormy night, memories from the past awaken through the miracles of dreams.

The memories yet to be created also come along this same path through the sacred mystical door known as dreams where we the present travel through this mystical door and greet the people from the past, the present, and the future.

How is this possible?

Why has this mystical journey not been widely talked about? Fear and criticism from the beyond, of the unknown minds of the strangers. They have not traveled upon this path nor have they traveled beyond their time and come back to confirm anything yet they criticize theories yet unknown to them.

The biggest challenge is not time traveling or the unknown or unseen reality that but awaits our acceptance of the truth, that is just that unknown and unseen truth. This truth had taken the mystics, the scientists, and the religious scholars upon a journey throughout time. Also, this truth guides a mother to her intuition to protect her unborn child.

This truth leads all the religious scholars to write within their scrolls their beliefs and findings. This truth guides a scientist towards his scientific findings.

Give faith a chance and maybe you too will find within your mind, body, and soul, acceptance, a simple answer towards your own findings.

Awaken your mind, body, and soul within peace and blessings. Be the blessed one who seeks forgiveness not the one who but criticizes. Ask the questions but do not criticize the answers. For each person has their own perception.

For all humans, faith is believing in the unknown, for with faith all is but found and peace is born.

Miracles are the unknown unseen truth of reality. For within miracles, no scientific, philosophical, or religious scholars have any answers but just that it’s a complete miracle.

For me personally, I have found this mystical truth “miracles” come to life within my dreams. I believe dreams in themselves are a complete miracle from the beyond where no answers could provide the complete truth except it’s just yet another miracle.

Believe in dreams, believe in miracles, believe in the other person, and above and beyond anything believe in yourself and see how easy and miraculous life is.

I believe life is but the complete miracle of the eternal truth.

Blessings from Seattle,


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