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Love is a word that expresses our inner soul. The mysterious word said in different languages throughout eternity is the only word churning this world for eternity.

Where does love come from? Why is she so powerful and how can we live up to this mysterious word?

My love is different and maybe it’s the same as yours, for I have given all my love to my Creator. For this, I love all of the creation.

If you follow a faith or if you have no faith, know the complete truth for you too are the beloved creation of this one Creator.

If on this day, you are suffering from an illness or are healthy or have any problem that is but tearing you apart, know this day shall end for the only thing that can give us complete peace is the unknown, The Omnipotent.

May my Lord’s will always prevail, and may we the creation unitedly accept the unknown truth, the unseen truth, the complete Omnipotent for love has no boundaries or limits.

May our love for our Creator and our Creator’s love for us keep us in this blessed union of the blessed creation of The Blessed Creator. Love yourself and all around you as The Creator loves all.

Blessings from Seattle,

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