What can one do to bring peace into this one world we love and share? Peace is a word lost in these dark days.
We must go back in time and awaken ourselves spiritually, then awaken the world. Within each human, we have the ability to spread peace and positivity. Even within your house, you can spread peace first then it shall spread all over the lands. As it catches on, the world will have us as one creation of the One Creator.
I thought upon this for a long time as I was lucky to have been guided through my dreams and now I have my seven books out. I have published my books of original inspirational quotations, my prayer book, and dream diaries. Take them upon your journey of life and may you find peace from them as I have found peace writing them. May these words be an inspiration of union amongst all the creation of The One Creator.
Spread peace, be in peace.

Blessings from Seattle,

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