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Peace, the sacred immortality of the human race has been on a blessed journey throughout time. She travels to find herself a house within all pure souls. Yet, we the humans are but lost as we search for peace everywhere on this planet. We look for her within the skies, the Earth, and within all different race, culture, and religion.

Religious scholars, mystics, and world leaders are all voicing their opinions as to how and where we would find peace.

I have watched people gather in a hotel, a resort, the mountains, and the sandy beaches, in search of peace.

This journey had begun thousand of years ago and the faces of the travelers have changed, yet the journey continues.

Tired travelers continue into their search for this unknown unfounded truth. As the days end, and we the travelers must return home with broken hearts, we find a little peace as we see yet another young enthusiastic new traveler take on the incomplete task of finding peace.

I ask all on this day, please do not worry about traveling to the mountains, or the ocean, or to the end of the Earth to find peace for you and for everyone else. I want you to search within your home, the inner house of your soul. Find her there first as then you shall see, peace shall find you for she had never left, it was you who had left her.

Find peace within yourself, be in peace as you spread peace.

Blessings from Seattle,

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