Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s vase comments on how delicate life is, was proven by an angry protester. The Prime Minister’s comments were, “I compare the Netherlands to a fragile vase, held by its 17 million citizens.” I realized it only takes a person and his unjust anger to break the vase and dump it on the feet of an honorable Prime Minister.

How long did it take the creator of this vase to create this? Why not hold on to it and protect it from breaking apart? Why not unite with your friends and enemies to save the vase? If you willingly break a vase, how would you bring it back? A life lost is but lost. How would you bring it back if you had taken it?

The message is to be the protector, not the perpetrator.

A vase is within your hands. A life is also within your hands, as you replace your anger with a gun. How many lives could you take with one gun? None, if we the citizens become a shield between your anger and the victim. How many would you be able to hurt if we become the shield? There would be one person who would be able to stop you the perpetrator. For in union, we all shall win. 

Hold on to the vase, you the citizen. For in union, this vase shall grow throughout time. Yes, life is fragile just like the vase. A country is also our motherland or fatherland. Within the united hands of the citizens, this is a safe and secure vase. Yet, it is you the citizen who desires your future and the future of all whom stand next to you.

A person intentionally breaking a vase to prove his point is but similar to a gunman with his unjust anger.

Humans are mortal and our country is as strong as we the citizens are. Today, I see this unjust anger of the humans spread throughout the lands and cross borders to unite this world through hatred of the unjust mind. Use your blessed hands to protect this one world of ours. Be the creators not the breakers. Blessed are the fragile hands that unite and hold the vase in union, as then you are not the single fragile hand but the united support of each other. Blessed hands hold on to the vase as you support each other. In union, this sacred vase shall be there talking about your support throughout time. 

I have written my sacred book The World Hate Crisis as I believe individually brewed angers are but brewing upon  Earth. I watch land after land are on the brink of eruption from over brewing hate crimes. This world I see, as a gentle vase, beautiful and serene within the hands of the sacred souls with humanity.

Within my book, I have walked through the increased hate crimes of this one Earth.

I believe if not taken heed, the hate crimes shall be catastrophic. If not taken under control, the flood water shall flood all the lands as she spills over and crosses all lands and borders. I ask all of you to go through this book, if you are willing to take a look into this crisis. Please do not take my words, but do your own research on hate crime data available within your own respective countries.

Awaken to the teardrops of Mother Earth. For today, like Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s sacred vase, our sacred world is under attack through the hate crimes and the perpetrators of these crimes. 

I ask the world leaders to join hands and be the blessed souls who shall be known as the sacred leaders of time, who in union eradicated The World Hate Crisis. Watch the video of a nice and gentle leader walking for his chosen group of politicians as he had a vase crushed and dumped upon his feet. You do not have to support him or be the constructive voices of a critic, yet do not become violent for your path is your chosen way of life. His path was chosen by the citizens of a land whether you agree or not. We the citizens should agree to disagree and let the citizens choose their leaders peacefully. 

People have the right to protest and climate change is something I will walk for too; however, you should not go and do anything that might harm a sitting leader of a country, or anyone. Remember, it is you the citizens who choose your own leaders through your right to vote. 

Even within my home country, I see personal angers of disagreement are brewing out of control.

I want all the citizens to choose their leaders peacefully. If you do not agree with your chosen leaders, remember it’s only time that shall remove them from the stage they stand upon. Remember history had given upon us, leaders like Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi.

I had bought a house that I later thought was a bad investment after unseen obstacles appeared in its path. Yet, I had no choice but to live with it. Life is sometimes unfair and it is also a lesson taught throughout time. It is hard and at times aggravating, yet we only have to wait it out.

The world audience and the world stage shall always be there and so shall the world leaders, their supporters, and their opponents.

The faces of the world leaders do change as time but leaves us and becomes the future. We are then left with either a human we the past, the present, and the future shall admire like Mahatma Gandhi. Or, we are left with the leader who might be another person we the humans shall always compare to a negative or violent person such as Hitler. 

Let us in union agree to disagree, and let peace be our guide.

Hold on to each other, be there for each other, even when you disagree.

Life is fragile, just like a vase or a country, which is held within the love and kindness of we the humans who become the support. Let your gentle hands in union support and hold on to even the heaviest globe which we all love, our home, our one Earth. For she holds on to all of us within her chest. I believe Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s vase holds on to the blessed land of tulips and her citizens as they gently yet unitedly hold on to this vase, their fatherland, the Netherlands.

Let us unite to eradicate The World Hate Crisis, for in union, we are the blessed humans with humanity.



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