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Today, as I finish up my upcoming book, I wondered how we the Abrahamic religions and all other mythological religions are so interlinking, yet there is so much division even though we are all but one Creation of the one Creator.

My thoughts were simple.

Let us walk through the names of the seven days of the week for we have adopted them from the Babylonians and Norse mythology. The Babylonians had named the days after the five planets known to them, from Tuesday through Saturday. Sunday was named after the sun, and Monday after the moon. The days of the week as we know them even to this day, however, are named after seven Norse gods. The Romans also had accepted a seven day week as declared by Constantine in 321 AD.

The book of Genesis also talks about the seven day theory, from where we have the seven day theory practiced to this day throughout this world. Today, as we live our daily lives, we are all dividing amongst race, color, and religion. Yet, do we walk through time and even give history a chance to unite us, not divide us?

The human population only needs to walk through history to see the similarities between us the humans. It is only then, we can see how, where, and why we have divided amongst ourselves.

Go take a walk through the pages of history tonight, as the blinking stars above the night skies but guide you through your journey.

You shall see even astronomers, mystics, and modern day scientists all have walked upon the same path to only guide us the humans. If we only need to be guided, why have we divided amongst us the humans and taken all astray? Why have we without any base, but called upon a group or an individual group for being different?

First it was religion, then skin color, now race, color, religion, gender equality, and any reason one can find to place themselves above and the other beyond is but a reason to discriminate. I only ask all of you to walk through the pages of history and take a look at the racist discriminators, and the self sacrificing humanitarians. I ask you, the human to choose your own path through the lessons of history, as you learn for yourself and choose your own path. History had but given us Hitler, a leader who had divided us the humans and had planted the seeds of discrimination within the human race.

Then, remember we had been gifted with people like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. These people had taken their blessed life journey and left us with examples of humanitarians with humanity.

There is no need to give up your honor and dignity to give another person honor and dignity.

For you the holder of the candle can light up the candles within the hands of your accompanying travelers. The path would be all glowing with different faces and different race, color, and religion but as one creation of the one Creator. This journey through life would be written within the pages of history as the most powerful group of candles amongst all human existence.

Let us not divide amongst ourselves as to how the names of the seven days came to be. Let us accept them and know we have united within these blessed days as one family.

Whatever you accept, the Babylonians, the Romans, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, or any other religion, let us unite for one race, the human race. For your future generations, I call upon you the parents to awaken and bring up your children to be blessed sacred souls.

Remember racism is a learned and taught behavior, which could be changed by you the parent. Hold on to your children now as you teach them to walk, talk, and say their first word.

A father, a teacher, could hold on to his children even throughout time. Like the father of a fatherland known as the Netherlands, William the Silent still watches over the citizens even to this day. His taught lessons of religious freedom are still found within the land and all of the citizens. As the tulips start to bloom within this sacred land, they bloom throughout this world as the tulip bulbs are found even within Seattle, Washington.

You the first teacher of your child’s life, remember to be there throughout his or her life as you teach your child the lessons of humanity.

Today as the children learn the seven days of the week, teach them like each day is but different, we the humans are also different. Just like our names are individualistic, we are similar to the different days of the week, yet we all belong to the same human race.

Seven days of the week are all blessed and different like we the human population. So, today hold my hands and let us unite for each other, not divide amongst each other.

My book “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic” is my dedication and my part, as I try to do my share to eradicate the world hate crimes. Please help me within this journey as you pick up my book. Let us in union start this journey in peace.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

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