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Spirituality, for me is the inner connection, of an individual’s mind, body and soul to The Creator for complete awakening. Where there is a one way connection and no interruptions in between. This is the awakening all humans but seek. The spiritual mystics, the spiritual monks, all have knocked upon a sacred door to unveil this sacred journey.

I call this door the inner soul of an individual.

Knock, seek, and ask upon your door to find this spiritual door where you alone feel and you alone awaken with the inner spiritual bliss. From this awakening, you are now connected to your Creator. This is the journey all humans seek, yet the complete truth of this sacred door is hidden within you the individual.

I have received questions regarding this quest from so many of you seeking this path. My answer is all of the answers are within your inner soul. Find yourself as you let go of all the other minds clouding your inner spiritual awakening. We were contaminated by the worldly sins of our own corrupted minds seeking everything yet not realizing all that our soul seeks is within our inner self.

Take a bath from all of the contaminated waters as you swim within the poisonous water of this world, yet remain sin free pure and clean. Bathe within complete faith of The Creator of this universe within the Earth, the sun, the skies, the air, the waters, and know all is but found as you find yourself first.

Let go of all the negative thoughts, all the anger, the tears, and just know there is only one truth – it is your inner soul and the bond between you and your Creator.

No mountain breeze, or pure ocean air, will find this peace for you, but the light within your inner soul that ties you within a sacred bond throughout eternity. This journey begins from within your soul and ends at your Creator’s door.

I have found this spiritual journey as a blessing within my soul. As I had awakened to the complete love of my Creator, I knew there is no differences in we the humans and each individual faith and ways. For all of us are the Creation of the one Creator.

With this found spiritual awakening, I had wanted to give all of you something from my inner soul, something you could hold on to, awaken to, and feel the spiritual blessings within your inner soul.

As I had held on to the hands of the Holy Archangels, I had promised within my dreams I would write my songs. Sweet songs of prayers from the sacred mind, body, and soul, of a human to all the humans traveling within this path, I give you my Spiritual Songs.

Today, with tears of joy and blessings, I must say the reviews of this blessed book have left me again within tears of joy.

What are prayers? Are they but sweet songs, or poems, or just words placed within a paper to connect our inner souls to the Creator? The blessed blessings of life are found within a prayer that awakens the inner soul. Today, not in my own words, but the words of sacred strangers whom I call my Angels in disguise. From different religious backgrounds, and from different countries around the globe, I give you their sacred words.

All of these sacred humans have united through their sacred words of wisdom for this book, I but call, “Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.”

On my testimonials page, I have some of the comments from some of the blessed souls whom have placed their sacred pen to paper and come up with these blessed words of wisdom. For complete reviews, please visit their individual blogs.

For me, within this world, there is but one prayer – the blessed words of a blessed soul.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

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