The mirror in front of me only reflects my own picture. Yet, within my spiritual awakening I want to see you and your inner joys and sorrows of life. Joys, like your travel journey where I too could travel with you through your travel pictures. Sorrows, so I could wipe off your tears as I share my life stories with you and you will know you are not alone.

You need not share with me your private stories, as it’s your inner personal journey you might want to keep within your chest. Within my life journey, I shall open up about all of my hurdles and obstacles for you to awaken from. Like a natural healing ointment, these stories are there for those whom too have walked upon these paths of obstacles. May I be able to wipe off your teardrops through my prayers. I have written them for you to feel and awaken.

As I had walked through the sands within Scheveningen, I realized I had the helping hands of the mystics, the religious scholars, and the scientific scholars.

As a walking cane, they were there from the past, the present, and the future. I watched my footsteps appear on the sand, not the invisible walking cane. I realized I must be the one to walk for myself with the guidance from the invisible scholars. This life is my journey through my learned experiences. I am the traveler taking a journey through my life. Here I see travelers taking a tour on their own or within a group and move on as their journeys become our guide of the future.

As my walk through the sands on the beach came to an end, I watched my footsteps were wiped away through the future travelers who had walked behind me. This is when I knew I must write all of my experiences with the blessed pen on to the blessed pages of a book for all of the future travelers of life. For within the pages, my stories would remain as a guidance. My stories would not be lost within the unwritten, untold stories that never happened.

For this, I became an author of spirituality.

This is where my prayers I call Songs have found their home, where my dreams have become guidance for the future generations. My inner wisdom has taken birth as I ask all of you to awaken and prevent World War 3 that I feel might rise from the inner hatred brewing within the inner souls of the humans across this globe. My journey to eradicate hate crimes and to prevent a catastrophe from taking place has also taken birth within my newly released book. Now again I take a journey, to answer your questions. I again have taken pen to paper for my tenth book available everywhere soon.

Today, before I end this blog post I will answer a question I had received. I was asked why I do not share my personal pictures. I have written within my biography, I would like to remain the unknown face whom you the reader could relate with. For if you see my face, then it is my journey.

Yet, through my journey, how would you see yourself and not my face?

If only I could also bring you within the pages through my inner feelings, then my inner prayers would have been answered. Today, I leave you with some sacred words from a fellow blogger who has written a very sacred review for one of my books. I believe I have found strangers appeared within my life as angels in disguise as I had written within my books, “Strangers are but angels in disguise.”

“After each dream Ann leaves us with what she discovers and how it emotionally and spiritually affects her after, making it feel as if you are right there talking with her.”

It’s My Crazy Beautiful Life

My books are but the healing therapy for my inner spiritual soul. Today, I must say with all of the reviews I have received from blessed souls, my books are just not mine but their inner healing therapy. I believe we must walk for ourselves…true, but as we journey through this life, we must help and guide all the travelers of life. All the reviewers are but guides walking upon the sands trying to guide you too.

Today, for the first time, I felt I am not lost and not alone walking upon this journey of life. I have these blessed souls walking with me. Through the powerful pen of wisdom, they are but the blessed humans who are also trying to guide all. You too, need a helping hand. In union, we shall be the healing powerhouse through the blessed pen of wisdom.

You could see the reviews here, and the full review on their blogs.

Love and blessings,

Ann Marie Ruby



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  1. This is so beautiful Ann; I love that you write to “Bless the Future Travelers of Life”. Your perspective is humbling and a call to action for myself to look for ways to bless future life travelers as well ♥♥♥

    1. Thank you for blessed comment, Savannah. May we the travelers of life be there for one another throughout time. As always, sending blessings, love, and hugs!

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