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Travelers we all are as this life is but a complete journey. Throughout time, the great mystics and their travel journeys have become like a pilgrimage for all of us whom could not afford to travel. Even when the soul wants to be at the desired place, it is the financial and physical burdens that prevent all from going.

I personally believe taking a break from everyday life and giving yourself time off from your daily life is also a pilgrimage for your inner soul.

When your mind, body, and soul find no peace and harmony, it is then you must take a break from all obstacles of life and try to refocus your inner self needs and wants. Like a thirsty body, your inner soul also gets thirsty for eternal bliss, peace, and serenity. Through this journey, you would live like your soul but wants to, even for a day. For on this day, your inner soul would rejuvenate from within, find the peace within, and spread the same peace all around.

Spiritual awakening through the traveler’s journey for me is like a deep meditation experience. Within this journey, you meditate with nature with the unknown humans and places, within a crowd, not away from a crowd. This meditative course allows my inner soul to rejuvenate within the humans around the humans to awaken my inner humanity.

I like to see different race, color, and religion as one group within my sacred journey where I would not have to go to one house of worshipers, but all of the human race would be all around me.

My mind, body, and soul allow all different race, color, and religion to be my one family throughout this journey. For when I come home, I have had my pilgrimage through the creation of The One Creator and our one world.

This past October, my journey had begun as I left my home and decided to stay at the Embassy Suites By Hilton (Seattle Tacoma International Airport) near my airport so I would not miss my very early flight from Seattle to Amsterdam. The hotel is very affordable for the amenities they have to offer.


It is about a two hour drive from my home to the airport. I did not want to have the early morning rush, so I decided to stay at this great hotel. For me it is always about peace and serenity as always I take my travel journey like a pilgrimage for my inner soul. Choosing a hotel that would not take away from this journey was important for me as traveling to the Netherlands was a blessed journey I take yearly to awaken my inner soul.

This part of the journey, however had included a hotel I had chosen myself, the Embassy Suites By Hilton (Seattle Tacoma International Airport).

As I had arrived at the hotel with a few of my friends, we were received with a warm welcome. I was shocked as I did not expect this welcome for this was just a place to rest for a night. The receptionist had known my hometown and we talked about the foothills of Mount Rainer and how peaceful the place was.

The hotel was close to the airport and also had a free 24 hour shuttle service to the airport which for me was the most important part of this trip. I had to reserve it for the morning as the receptionist had done that for us. Even though we had only stayed for one night, I had wished we stayed for a few more nights as I really enjoyed the hotel in itself.

The hotel also had a restaurant where my friends dined for dinner.

They also had room service send my dinner to my room. I had asked if they could make me fresh ginger lemon and mint tea. They had sent my tea with a fresh pot and cups. I really enjoyed the meal as they had asked me if I was ready for my dinner now or later. I had asked them to give me a few minutes as I wanted to take a bath first. They called and had asked if I was ready and they came up.


Their restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. There is also a cafe/coffee shop. The complimentary breakfast was a nice way to meet other guests. I absolutely loved the complimentary cooked to order breakfast. They were absolutely kind and helpful in serving our vegetarian group.

Some amenities that this hotel had offered were, an indoor pool, spa, gym, and atrium style grand foyer which I loved just being at.


I loved this hotel for the warmth and kindness their staff had displayed.

It matters not how much a hotel can offer, if they have rude staff then the whole atmosphere changes. Here within this hotel though, I was shocked at how they had gone beyond their normal service to make sure I felt like a VIP guest. It just makes the inner peace remain within my soul. I felt if only we could have more hotels like this one all around.

All hotels have the same rooms and amenities available, yet the atmosphere changes with each hotel. I personally feel aside from all the amenities, each hotel should have their own individual touch where the guests feel welcome and want to return. Each guest has spent their money to be at your place, rather then the one next door to you. So it is you, the host whom must make your guests feel welcome.


Life is a sacred journey where we the travelers keep moving forward.

Throughout time, we the people change and our faces change, yet the place and all of Earth stay still. What remain though, are our left behind memories and words of wisdom. Like within each hotel, we the guests change and our faces change, yet the hotel stays in its place with our memories and our words of wisdom.

Today, I the traveler, leave my kind words of wisdom through my message for all the people giving this great place I had called home for one night, a chance. Do try it out. Call this place your home for a night or a couple of nights.

May your experience be like mine and do enjoy all that this hotel offers. My favorite part even after the great stay at the hotel, was the shuttle and the driver, who had been exceptionally nice. We were his only passengers as he had asked us to enjoy the ride and, “May this be great adventure to the Netherlands.”



Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby






DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored in any way and contains only my personal opinions. If you have any questions, contact the hotel directly. This post indicates no endorsement.

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