Spirituality is but the found peace of the inner soul where there is no barricade between your soul and your Creator. The immense love and blessings your soul finds within, are the profound spirituality. Spirituality is a direct connection where the phone call a creation gives the Creator or the Creator gives the creation, is a direct line.

When dawn breaks open and the sunlight warms my inner soul, I know my Lord my Creator is watching.

All of my inner thoughts spill out like the tears that refuse to stop, yet my inner soul finds peace within my spiritual awakening.  Why have I chosen this path that humans avoid, as it is not a highly traveled road? I know I must walk and see for myself. My thirsty soul only seeks the complete peace within this path.

Within this path, there are no boundaries or blockages. The cones placed by different people throughout times have all of us confused. This is when I found my path through my inner soul which has been upon this path always. I got lost and confused as I knocked upon all the doors asking, seeking, and knocking for my Lord, my Creator.  I had stayed awake in thoughts of what is sin and what is not. Why do people become The Judge when we are all but the judged?

I had walked upon the mountain top to learn more about meditation. To the ocean sides, I have gone only seeking to awaken through meditation. Within resorts I walked, they were offering meditation sessions yet even then my soul found no peace. I awakened to my own calls through my inner soul as I had taken pen to paper. I was told to place my thoughts out on a paper and reread it out to myself. Through the pen and paper, I know we were given spiritual, religious, and scientific scriptures. Through this knowledge, peace was found within the souls of the humans.

As I had placed pen to paper, my book of prayers I but call songs, had taken birth.

Peace and serenity I found within these words I call songs. Words of sweet songs became my complete solace as I had awakened spiritually. I knew without any religious views if we the creation could call upon our Creator in union, that is called love for my Creator and the divine love for all of the creation. For who am I to judge? I knew I am but the judged. Where there was no hope and solace, words found my inner peace through these sweet songs.

If hurtful words could bring tears to the human mind, body, and soul, then I would be there placing words through sweet prayers to wipe those tears away.  Where you find no hope, may these sweet songs of prayers find your inner hope within you. These words of prayers are there for you the seeker who wants to awaken from within, yet you are lost in fear of the unknown.

Do not fear the unknown but with love, accept the unknown as your guide. Sing these sweet prayers and let the blessings hug you like a warm blanket. Where there is hope, not fear. Where there is light, not darkness. Where obstacles are but teachers of life, guiding us through the journey of life.

Remember, there are a lot whom but let the fear grip over and then lose the battle to fear. I want you to awaken from within. Even though you feel the chill and the cold grip within your inner soul that grips you from within, I want you to awaken through these blessed words of prayers. Know, there are others in your shoes too.

Remember we all are the same travelers walking through life.

It may seem to you, the other side is greener but actually the other side had to walk this path too. Travelers we all are, trying to walk through this life within peace and harmony. Yet, we get lost and at times we get scared of what is ahead of us.

I had a visit from a friend who learned to drive. She went on to the highway for the first time, she froze in fear. She had wanted to take her feet off of the break and gas and on to the chair, and close her eyes. Yet, she did not as she drove safely to her destination. She did that because not only she loved herself but others on the same road. For she could have risked her life and the lives of others. For this, she had to get rid of her fear and drive safely.

We are all driving our earthly vehicle – our physical body, through this journey of life. Here we too must be safe for our own sake and that of the others. Please do not let fear grip you to a stage where you find life as an obstacle, but let us in union help each other.

Remember I was there, where fear grips everything. I learned to walk on my own. I know there is no fear, for I have the glad tidings of my Lord.

Where there is love, there is no fear.

Love yourself first, then awaken to love all around you as you see things differently. Do not let another person’s negative energy drain out your positive vibes.

Call upon your inner soul to call upon your Creator. Create a direct connection with your Creator from within yourself. Enjoy this newly found energy and know there is nothing that can come in between you and your Creator. This newly found enlightenment is your inner awakening.

I call this my spiritual awakening. For within this power, life is a blessing within the hurdles and pleasures life but gives. For where and when the soul finds it’s complete inner freedom from all earthly obstacles, is where you find your Creator. Within yourself and your inner awakening, you shall find your Creator and all of the blessings. All race, color, and religion can find a house within spiritual awakening. Keeping within your own faith, you too could enjoy this new awakening where you the human are directly connected to your Creator.

Today, walk upon the bright sunlight and feel the rejuvenation of your inner spirit. Like spring brings all different colors to life, spring also has the heavy rainfall, the allergies, and the physical burdens of life with her.

As we learn to accept the spring flowers and we tackle the spring illnesses, we learn to live life spiritually.

I ask you the lonely and the fearful to hold on to your innermost faith and awaken from within. Do not fear death or life, do not fear health or wealth problems, do not fear the obstacles, yet love this complete journey of life. For within this journey, we the travelers find the complete meaning of life.

Within this journey of life, for you the lonely traveler I have written these sacred prayers, I but call songs. I had written them for myself as I learned to awaken from within. As I found them to be spiritually rejuvenating, I have them printed and published for all of you whom need a helping hand through this journey of life.

Accept them as you awaken from within.

Love yourself and know you are but directly connected to your Creator through your inner spirituality.

Rejuvenate within the spiritual awakening and feel the blessings from Heavens above. For within this profound awakening, all the blessings are found.

Love and blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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