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Love is but the inner spirit of human existence. Where there is love, we know flowers blossom. New life begins to appear like the spring buds. Birds fly around, singing the sweet songs of harmony. Spring comes back with a big concert as she announces her arrival. I wonder, was Cupid born in spring?

I would think he had fallen in love and had set across this Earth as he knew each season has her blessings for all whom seek. The cold winter nights, I love to wear my warm shawl as I take a walk through nature. In the summer, I love to walk within the sand, letting my feet get wet within the blue oceans. In spring, I love to watch the flowers bloom and come back to life.

The cycle of life is displayed within nature as she bids her farewell after each season and converts into a new form.

Is it reincarnation when the leaves fall off, and upon the same tree, new buds appear? Or, some might say as one life bids farewell, another life blossoms in his or her place. Yet, do we know the person born next door, as the person opens his or her eyes? How is it a human is connected to another human through the blessed door of love?

No blood relation, no bond, yet through this blessed door of love, we hold on to each other. The love for a child crosses all borders. All men and women hold hands to protect a child from getting hurt. True humanity we the humans have, as we hear, see, or feel the first cries and tears of a newborn child. We have no bond, but a bond of humanity called love.

Birth is a miracle. Death is but the end within this journey of life. Love is but the complete blessing. We celebrate birth with laughter and joy. Yet, at the end of life, we again celebrate differently. This time, we celebrate with memories of the past.

Is this love? What about true love and soulmates? Have you found your soulmate?

From mind to mind, soul to soul, when your innermost being cries for yet another completely unknown soul, what is this? A mother’s tears for her child. A brother’s tears for his brother.

What about a stranger who searches for another stranger? Unknown to all, yet within the inner soul, you know he exists just for you. Walking alone in the cold winter morning, you want to hold on to his hands, but you don’t know who he is.

Yet again, your eyes search for him all throughout this Earth. During the spring flowers, you want to walk with him. Hot summer nights walking on the beach, you long to hold his hands. You walk alone. All the eyes are watching you, asking a question, “Why are you walking alone?” Does this bother you? It used to bother me and at times, I would avoid being in a crowd. Today, however, I love being in a crowd for I know life is a blessing and the dreams of tomorrow keep my hope alive.

I believe you the seeker should wait for your one and true love.

You should never give up if you were involved in a bad relationship. Never lose hope for your true love. Go out there and be happy. Even after a long journey where you were hurt, or wronged, or just tired of answering the harsh critics, be out there for yourself.

Live for your complete faith. With faith, your dreams shall come true. Spring shall walk upon your door as you keep the door of hope open. Never give up on your belief. Know within your positive vibes, positivity shall come with a warm hug. I believe in true soulmates and the union is throughout eternity. I believe no storm can break down a house built upon the souls of true soulmates. Invisible and untouchable to the eyes of all, yet within the eyes of the beholder, this love survives time and tide. Even within life, as you awaken within a new belief in faith and spirituality, you are reborn. This rebirth through your inner spirituality is the best gift you can give yourself.

This newly found spiritual awakening is when you realize your Creator is always watching you, the creation.

There is a direct connection between you the creation and your Creator through your inner calls of love. I believe through this spiritual journey, our Creator also guided us to our soulmates created for one another. Join me on this travel journey through life as we find our Creator first, then with complete faith allow our Creator to guide us to one another. A mother to her children. A father to his children. True soulmates to one another.

Through this journey, may we the humans find ourselves first. May we believe in miracles, and then may the blessings be upon us as we find the blessings of true love. This spring, awaken your inner self to the blessings of nature, for even nature blesses us each and every day as she guides us through our journey of life.

I have watched two ducks take shelter within my pond throughout the winter months. I know they are expecting a family soon as they will bid their farewell after their family arrives. Blessed I am as I had them as my guests and know soon they shall be on another journey yet at another place. It was amazing though, to have seen them bathe and swim together all throughout the winter. Love united them as they had watched out for each other.

Today, I ask all of you to feel the blessings around you.

Know love is but all around you. Yes, it is true, tears are also all around us. Yet, just like the sorrows of life, the joys of life shall also appear. Seasons change in due time. Just hang in there and you too shall find spring appear upon your door, maybe even within the cold winter nights. Like a knock upon the door, I know love, joy, and hope shall bless one and all.

May this spring, you rejuvenate from within your mind, body, and soul. Take a shower within your innermost faith of spiritual awakening. Believe in yourself and within the prayers of the wise. The light glowing within the tunnel of hope is but within your inner self.

Find yourself first and then hope shall but find you. Like the glowing inner lights, the lighthouse within your inner soul shall keep you blessed and safe through the dark nights. Throughout the daylight hours, let your innermost spirit awaken you like the blessings of spring.

My blessings be with you as you today awaken to the complete miracle of life.

Find your soulmate and take a walk within the sands. Let your footprints guide all others who are still searching for their soulmates to never give up.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

*The cover image was taken during my tour of Brussels, Belgium! According to our tour guide, touching the Everard t’Serclaes monument brings true love. Everyone in our group started to crowd up as all wanted to touch the monument. Even couples. I wondered, why would couples want to touch the monument if they already have found true love? I thought I would walk by and not let my emotions get the better of me; however, I did touch the monument. Hey, it’s worth a try, right? I believe in love and know when it is meant to be, it shall be.

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