Today take a bath within spiritual rejuvenation. Rejuvenate within spiritual blessings as you awaken the spiritual mind, body, and soul. The human body is asleep as we walk through the journey of life. Only after the spiritual rejuvenation does the human mind, body, and soul awaken. It is then, you will feel the magical blessings of eternity.

Life is not about what you are or where in life you have landed upon.

I believe life is about transforming oneself into the spiritual bliss one could only experience as they travel through the journey of spiritual awakening. You do not need to climb the Himalayas or have an ocean view in front of you to experience this awakening. You could be sitting at work on a short ten minute break and still experience this blessing of a lifetime.

I want all of you to know all the lessons of spiritual awakening are but within your own soul. There is not a single soul who knows more than you or could guide you to this amazing journey, but you, yourself. I believe within each one of us there is a hidden spiritual blessing that only we ourselves can unleash, in our own time and place. Remember the journey we all had made into this world was all by ourselves. We have arrived upon this path where travelers have traveled before us and shall travel after us. The past travelers have left behind for our guidance – their footsteps. It is your footprints that are showing on the path at this time. Do remember it is you who must walk upon this hard traveled road yourself. Convert this unknown road to a path you have traveled upon.

You shall leave behind your own footprints for others to be guided by throughout the times of their needs. This journey we all take from birth to death is our spiritual awakening. Individually, we walk upon this path and become an individual. Even though you might not know of it, somewhere somehow you have inspired someone. He or she is out there, awakened only because of your footsteps, and that is your awakening. That is your spirituality, your sacred gift left to the unknown yet known to that one individual who had been guided by you at the time of his or her need.

It is not important for us to know who that person is, was, or shall be.

Yet, the blessed gift is for us to awaken all individuals around us to this spirituality that no one can see, feel, or touch, yet this gift is immortal. Life is a gift as we awaken each day as dawn approaches our doors throughout this universe. Just like dawn approaches at different corners of this world at different times, we all have our own time and place when and where we awaken spiritually.

Open the doors and windows of your mind, body, and soul. Awaken spiritually, not to teach or be taught by anyone but to be in peace. I believe as you be in peace, you shall spread peace and as all the doors and windows open to each individual soul, we shall have all the houses of all humans glowing within spiritual blessings. Today be the lighthouse that just stands tall. Guide all of the lost and stranded travelers as they too await their spiritual awakening.

Blessings from Seattle,

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