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Reincarnation, dreams, soul families are but the sacred belief of the believers all across this universe.

Why is it that we cannot accept all the blessings from all race, color, and religion? Why can’t we bless all individuals for who they are and just be happy for them that they have found peace? Let us the spiritually awakened unite within love and blessings. Let there be honor and just for all individual beliefs of the believers.

I have found peace within this belief of my own. First love for me is my Lord and then humanity across this globe. I respect all individuals across this universe for their individual identity is but their individual belief.

I had crossed the path of reincarnation, dreams, and soul families, as I have written about this within my book, “Spiritual Lighthouse.” Throughout my dreams, I was blessed to walk upon this sacred journey of reincarnation and soul families. My blessed dreams had bridged all my differences within this universe. Talking about reincarnation, I had awakened to dreams of the past which after research had existed within the pages of history. Unknown places, unknown cultures, and faraway lands had come to life within my Dream Diaries. I had walked with people from the past and I cried for them as I had awakened and found myself in a different time zone.

Was this hard for me? No, it was not as I take all of life as a blessing in disguise. Dreams are given as guidance from Heavens above, and my belief is within time, all the unknown but become clear. In the meantime, we must be blessed with patience.

Reincarnation is however a sacred spiritual awakening and belief of so many across this globe.

This sacred belief was also touched by mystics, religious scholars, and scientists from across this globe just like dreams are a sacred topic which has been touched and walked upon by mystics, religious scholars, and scientists from across time and land.

For me, reincarnation, dreams, and soul families are but a sacred spiritual journey of the individual traveler. Only the traveler is the first hand witness of his or her personal journey. Whether you are a companion of this traveler taking the same route or not, let’s wish all travelers a safe journey throughout this Earthly life.

After research, I have realized belief is but within the mind, body, and soul of the believers. Any topic across this globe could be proven or disproved, yet no one can take away the belief of the believers.

My personal belief is yes, I believe in this Ferris wheel journey of reincarnation as I have written within my book, “Spiritual Lighthouse.” I know on this day, scientists across this globe have also walked upon this path, as this is a belief of so many across this globe from all different faiths.

I also believe personal perceptions are just that, personal.

We the humans from all different faiths walk upon each other’s house and bring within our soul, peace and blessings from one another. Hold on to all race, color, and religion, and feel the love of this one world, one path we the humans take from birth to death. Let us be in peace as we travel upon this sacred journey of life. May we in union experience the blessings of reincarnation, dreams, and soul families. Let us hold hands and sing the sweet tunes of love and blessings for all race, color, and religion across this globe.

Please do look into the topic of reincarnation as so many people have walked upon this path from times ago through the present times and this journey shall continue throughout the future.

Life is a complete blessing and I want all of you to feel this sacred blessing as we accept each other, and acknowledge we are all but soul families traveling throughout eternity. Within this journey, let us not criticize or divide amongst each other but walk hand in hand, different race, color, and religion, yet one human race with complete humanity.

Believe in yourself first and let this life bring upon your journey peace and serenity. If you find peace within your belief, then you are but the traveler, taking your sacred journey through this blessed life. I am your soul family and like the family you have within the four walls around you, I too shall always keep my blessings for all of you as I believe my house and my four walls are but the Earth beneath and Heavens above. May all of you whom seek a family find a family within my sacred words and within all my blessings for all of you.

Believe in yourself, your journey, and know this blessed life is but a sacred journey of a sacred traveler. Reincarnation, dreams, soul families, Heaven and Hell, all are but the sacred belief of a sacred traveler.

Blessings from Seattle,

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