Soulmates are made in Heavens above. The sacred bond between soulmates keeps all sacred souls in harmony. The belief within one’s own dreams is how we the sacred spiritual souls land upon our destination.

Soulmates, soul families, are all the complete blessings of the believers.

We the humans live upon this Earth with complete love, honor, and just. This journey of life leaves upon us, joy, harmony, and the tears of life. Throughout this journey we long for something more than what these human eyes can see, long for something we can’t touch, smell, or feel, yet we are incomplete without this sacred bond.

My life journey began in search of this unknown destination. I had arrived upon the path of this unknown truth through my blessed dreams within which I was awakened to the truth of the parallel world from where we are all being guided through dreams through religions through science.

Throughout time, we have relied upon the mystics, the religious scholars, and the scientists to guide us. Like a walking cane, we hold onto them to guide us through this unknown tunnel of life.

With their help I learned to walk with my own feet. I followed the footprints laid upon the sands by the past travelers, the gurus of the past. Yet, I want to walk on my own. I want my footsteps to be left upon the sands, be they the right or be they the wrong. At least, I would know the difference as I take the wrong turn. I always keep my sacred blessings as the blessings of the past and I want to walk with my eyes open.

This journey has taken me through dreams, through reincarnation, and through soulmates, and soul families.

I have briefly touched upon all of these topics within my book, “Spiritual Lighthouse.”

Soulmates and soul families, a sacred bond throughout time, which reconnects the sacred dreams and reincarnation in one union. This is a blessed path where you alone can feel the bond throughout time. No blood relation or no family connection, yet this is a union throughout eternity.

There have been so many cases of soul families and soulmates reuniting through blessed dreams where finally reincarnation, a subject people avoid, comes into reality. From the unknown parallel world, comes to life the glowing proof of miracles from the beyond.

Whether you believe or do not believe is a path you have the complete right on as this is your travel and your journey. Your footprints will be laid upon the sand as your journey but ends.

I would like to have all of the humanity awakened to this spiritual blessing and know there amongst all the unknown strangers, maybe walks your soul family. For them, awaken the humanity within your soul. Learn  to love all sacred souls related or not related to you. The child sick next door, feel for her, as you lay your child to bed.

When you see a young or elderly welcome them as you would welcome your own families.

In the chapter of soulmates, never give up on finding them. If you are in a broken relationship, know there waiting for you across the ocean is your true soulmate. If you are thinking you have come across so many obstacles and just want to give up, don’t for you shall find her/him as you travel through this journey of life.

Soulmates awaken the spirituality within each other and connect from oceans apart. I believe in soulmates and soul families as I await their arrival or just pray for their journey of life to be sacred and peaceful.

I have the same message for all of you. Also, I believe every single one of you reading this blog on this night are also my true soul family. Believe in yourself and all the miracles of life shall become a reality. Believe in miracles and you shall find within your mind, body, and soul, miracles from the beyond.

*The cover image was taken in my backyard of my pond and lighthouse!

Blessings from Seattle,



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