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Today, as you awaken from your bed to greet the morning sun, know miracles are blessings from the beyond. As you find yourself within a dark cloudy day, do not get upset . Believe in complete miracles and you shall find miracles approach you from the beyond. The sun shall come and peek through the dark skies.

A cloudy chilly December day, rain is pouring all over Seattle.

Yet, we see all around us hope of the holidays glimmer and shine as the Christmas decorations have gone up. Candy canes, gingerbread houses, reindeer, and Santa Claus himself all stand amongst us as a sign of hope and miracles.

Do you believe in miracles?

I believe in miracles, as nature proves to us miracles do happen. After the dark skies, the sun does peek through and glitters hope and blessings throughout the lands. This is a pure miracle.

Believe in miracles and know life in itself is a complete miracle.

We face obstacles each and every day, one after another. Throughout the hurdles, remember the sun peeks through and all of the obstacles shall be removed. You must do the walk through the hurdles yourself and be strong. Always hold on to the hands of hope and miracles throughout the storms of life.

This year was a very hard journey through obstacles for myself. The path I traveled upon was full of thorns, but I knew I must keep on walking as I kept honor, just, and courage with me as my guide. Life is filled with surprises where not all of the surprises are good or what we expect. Yet, life is a lesson learned through the journey of each individual traveler.

Personally, I learned not all plans we make in life come to be, but we must keep on going.

Never fall off the track because you have a yellow cone placed upon your path by someone. Wait it out, and remember, for how long will the red light be placed upon your path? The lights shall turn green as your time comes to be. Take advantage of your given time and keep the pages of learned lessons as a guide.

This year as I waited out the obstacles, I published four books. All my books have been accepted by people from all around the globe.

My fight to unite all race, color, and religion continued as I published my book, “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic.”

Within this book, I ask you the citizen and the world leaders, to open your eyes. Do not wait for the knock of a hate crime to come upon your door. The storms of hate crimes are brewing like a catastrophe and must be prevented through the united human barricades. We must stand shoulder to shoulder with each other and prevent this storm from flooding our lands. My efforts to prevent this catastrophic storm starts with my book. I will keep on fighting for all human faces of this world as I believe all of you are my one family.

My prayer books, I have gifted all of you as my personal blessings to unite all into one house of a single prayer.

I call these prayers, songs. “Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul” and “Spiritual Song: Letters From My Chest” are my two prayer books for all humans alike. As a human with humanity, I call all humans across this globe my family members. These books have been accepted by all different faiths as books of human songs. Today, you can unite your neighbors this Christmas season as you all sing these songs with one another. This is my Christmas blessings for all of you.

As I walked through the obstacles of life, I was gifted by the Heavens above with spiritual dreams.

All of you had accepted my book , “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.” Within this book, I talk about the land of dreams through my personal journey, through the path of dreams. Walk through forty nights of miracles within this book.

This year, I have gifted all of you my sacred book, “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”

Within this book, I talk about the unanswered questions of life. We all have questions we never bring out of our lips. Sometimes, we just quietly go to bed with tears in our eyes. Yet, why don’t we share our feelings, our pain, and sorrows with the world? I believe we are fearful of being criticized.

I walk within this book through my answers to the unanswered questions of life. Walk through birth, death, reincarnation, twin flames, dreams, miracles, end of time, and much more within this book. Through scientific and religious wisdom, I walk you through my personal wisdom. I am blessed this book has found her readers throughout this world. I hope this book finds peace for you as I found while writing this book.

Travelers of life we all are as we journey through life.

Today, for you the sacred soul I have written about my favorite travel destination, a place I call my Heaven on Earth. This land has proved her place on Earth by accepting all differences within one home called peace and justice for all. The Peace Palace stands tall within this land as proof that humanity is greater than all differences. The tulip fields have been shown within romantic movies throughout this world. This land is guiding all others how to reclaim their lands from water and save themselves from the devastations of floods through their own journey.

This land also feeds the world. Their journey through agricultural growth is also a lesson the world needs to learn from. This land is known to you as the Netherlands. This land has found herself within my book as I call this land, “The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.” This Christmas, travel to this land through my book.

These books were my personal journey through pen and paper this year.

Life is a journey and this year, I have taken a trip through humanity, through my own consciousness, through my love for you the human as I have these books available for you throughout this world. Blessed I am to be able to give you these gifts. Blessed I am as you have accepted these books as your own.

This holiday season, as you travel to your holiday destination do pick up these books as your gift from a friend. This year, if you are unable to travel or celebrate the holidays for any reason, remember tomorrow shall arrive. Hold on to the hands of hope and blessings throughout all the days and all the nights. Please know all of the humans walk through the same path even though the other side always seems greener.

Believe in miracles. Know as you are giving up on hope or as you are waiting for hope to knock upon your door, she will arrive as you only call and accept her.

This holiday season, I want all of you to believe in miracles.

This is the only reason I talk about my books for each one of my book is proof of miracles from the beyond. These miracles are my gifts to all of you this holiday season. I want all of you to believe and hold on to the blessings of hope and miracles. I believe in miracles and want all of you to believe in miracles.

As you wait for a miracle from the beyond this holiday season, I want you to know you are proof of a miracle from the beyond. Do take a leap of faith. If you had given up on this faith, I ask you to once again believe in this complete miracle from the beyond.

Happy holidays everyone, and know miracles are blessings from the beyond.

Believe in this sacred path, and watch miracles take place, as you accept this complete truth. I also believe and wait for this blessed miracle to come upon my door as I too invite her to my heart. The sun shall come and peek through the dark skies. May miracles appear to my house and yours as holiday blessings this year.

Happy Holidays!

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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