Autumn will come to an end as the cold winter months come upon us. The colorful leaves fall off and leave the trees bare until spring.

Do you feel depressed during the cold winter nights? It is easy to feel seasonal depression, on top of all that life brings upon our platter. Take some notes from Mother Nature and believe spring is only months away. Today you are feeling lonely and your feelings are hidden behind all the layers of winter clothing. Yet tomorrow as spring comes flowing back within your personal life, you shall feel blessed and refreshed like the spring air. The only profound sources are belief and positivity.

How do I deal with depression and all the negativity of life?

I have a close friend who once told me to pretend to sleep, as I could not sleep. I write all night and have made this a habit, so at times it is hard for me to fall asleep. She told me to try this trick, and even though I could not sleep, I would be well rested. Guess what? I did eventually fall asleep and the trick did help. The same friend always smiles and is very positive. I had asked her during a very difficult period of her life, was she worried? She responded with a no. Her reply was, why should she spend time worrying about something she had no control over. She told me she let her faith be strong and wait for life to gift her with whatever life pleases. She did her part and then waited out with laughter, joy, and love as her best buddies.

Does it work?

Being positive and bringing positivity energize your inner self. The hidden wisdom found within this journey awakens the spiritual traveler within yourself. This journey you take on your own, teaches other travelers taking the same path you journeyed upon. As the traveler, you are teaching yourself and leaving your learned lessons as wisdom for the future travelers following your footsteps.

Today, you are the traveler who has landed upon the overshadowing dark clouds of life. Stand up on your feet and let your fear not rule but your inner strength be the guiding power for yourself and all others whom are lost under the winter clouds of life.

Throughout eternity, remember the clouds disappear like the dark nights.

Blessed dawn shines upon all like the glittering rays of the morning sun. Always as an example, Mother Nature guides us throughout time. Don’t fall prey to your inner weakness, but fall in love with your inner strength.

Why are you even here?

This is a question I have heard so many times within my life. The answer is simple. You are here to be yourself. You are here to be complete within your life. This life is your journey to stand up for yourself and be a guide, a lighthouse for all the lost travelers behind you.

Close your eyes and imagine a rough sea where dark clouds have taken over, and nothing can be seen, yet there is a boat traveling through the rough sea trying to find shore. There is nothing visible but you. Today, for the lost people trying to find shore, you become the spiritual lighthouse. Guide yourself first, then all whom need your guidance.

Today, I woke up to a very cloudy drizzling Seattle morning. My puppy had jumped upon the sofa trying to see if there was a break in the rain. I looked up the weather and it seems to be a rained out day. So, I put on my raincoat and his raincoat. We both headed outside to battle the rain and get our daily chores completed.

You the stranger reading this post, stand up and take a leap of faith in yourself.

Be it today, tomorrow, or in the near future, all innocent prayers from the souls of an innocent shall be answered. You just have to believe and walk for yourself to complete the journey. The path is there for you the traveler to find your way out of this obstacle. I believe “where there is hope, there is a way.” Be the hope and the way shall be yours.

Do not let the dark winter nights be an obstacle but stay warm during the cold winter nights. Hot summer nights are only months away, as soon she too will knock upon your door. Until then, stay warm and keep your four legged friends warm and safe too. Remember your pets can’t speak for themselves but you can speak and feel for them as you feel for yourself and all, near, far, and around you.

Always remember, Obstacles are teachers of life, for when we cross them, we have learned our lesson.” For then, only you the student can become the teacher of life.

Be positive and spread positivity, throughout all the seasons of life.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby





*This is a picture of me at my property in Greater Seattle, Washington!


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