Today hold the hands of all going through depression, the silent killer of life. Be it takes a toll on you physically or emotionally, it does affect the core of the human soul.

Wherever or whenever humans are but in pain, my mind, body, and soul cry for them.

Today, I saw on Twitter, a person had written about a young person who had taken his life at age 19.

US life expectancy has dropped three years in a row, the most since World War I. Why? Depression, society, and social pressure. So ask ourselves, what are we doing wrong? Are we to be blamed for this also? Is the society responsible? Too much expectation? Some of us take it too far to be a huge success in every corner of life and others are trying to compete and feel left behind. What is going on? Why do we the humans not care about all of the humans but only about self-care, self-growth, and self-needs? Wake up and as you go forward, don’t kick all behind and run over all whom are but trying to be at the same spot as you are. 

Be the helping hand. Be the wall all can lean against. Be there for yourself and all others whom but need a helping hand. 

Within a hectic life schedule, we all live. For me personally, as a small business owner, an author, and a blogger, I keep my days buried within work.

The nights, I devote to my passion, writing.

Then, how do I make time for you, the unknown, whom but call me through the soft spot I call humanity? I stopped everything today as this unknown, unseen face of a teenager stopped me within the busy tracks of my life. I know this is a situation where and when we pretend it never even existed. Depression is but a knock on the stranger’s door, but not my problem. Invisible she is, yet so powerful are her effects. I have seen so many people walk through this hurdle. I wonder how could I be there for you? How could I help you walk through this lonely path?

Why should I even care as it is but a knock on my neighbor’s door, not mine?

When I had lived in an apartment, I remember the mailman would bring things for my neighbors and how we all pretended to not even know each other. Pretended because, personally talking for myself, a single woman living alone – I had to always be careful of the big bad wolves out there. What do we do as humans when the harmful knock upon the door of a stranger could have been prevented?

I also remember in Downtown Seattle, people had formed a wall around a pedestrian who was involved in a hit and run situation. All strangers had kept him safe from all other cars hitting him. Until this pedestrian was safely taken to the hospital, strangers remained with him like a family. This is why we the humans who do not suffer from depression care for those whom do suffer.

I have not suffered from this silent killer.

So, I am not the judged or the one to judge.

I do get upset when life gets hard or when things don’t turn out the way I had hoped. At times, the waiting game is really painstaking and feels never ending. Other times, things happen the way I wanted them to, yet, walking through my planned path seems really hard. I wanted to reverse my vehicle and start again. But within life, we only have a one-way path, the path forward.

So today I sat and let my yogi mind go into meditation for you, the stranger’s soul. You who awakens with hope, yet, for some reason or the other, depression takes over your mind, body, and soul. Your own physical vehicle is taken over by some unknown, unseen force. It’s like some dreams we have where we are driving, yet can’t control the car or find the brake. We awaken with relief, it was only a dream.

After such dreams, I take a cold glass of water to relinquish my thirst and rejuvenate with meditation.

I awaken from all of the sufferings of the dream and I realize I need to take control of my vehicle, not let my vehicle control me. I park my vehicle and let her know I am the driver, she is my vehicle.

I realize it’s the fear of the vehicle taking over me, rather than I the driver being able to control my vehicle. The fear is our biggest enemy as it is also our guide. We must in union guide ourselves out of this unknown fear.

Without fear, I thought about this dark force that grips so many across this globe. I know from my research even the mystics, the saints, the religious and scientific scholars, have all personally suffered from this invisible force. They have all walked upon this path, so is it hard to understand that we too shall walk upon this path?

No, it is not a myth. It is not personal imagination.

It is not a situation where you could pop in some pills and awaken with a bag full of laughter.

This is a situation, where even all religious and scientific scholars have come to a halt. Spiritual scholars prescribe stones and herbal supplements, religious scholars supply a handful of prayers, and scientific scholars supply a bottle of medicine. All have good intentions, the wellbeing of the fellow human beings. 

What can you and I do in union to solve this problem? I thought about this and realized I can’t be the ignorant. I can’t be the person who walks away from anyone who but needs help. Also, I don’t want to be the sympathizer or the fun maker or the stranger who walks away or walks to this person without permission.

I want to be the wall between you falling and standing up. I want my words to be the human wall who protects you from the upcoming traffic. I want to be there for you without you even realizing. I want to be like the fresh cooked dinner, waiting for you upon your arrival, without you asking or waiting. I want to be the fresh cup of coffee waiting for me when I open my eyes.

We the humans holding each other could solve all obstacles ahead of us.

I asked myself, “Who could help us within this path?” The answer came easily, the travelers. The travelers who have journeyed through this path. The rich, the poor, the religious, the mystics, the spiritual, or just you – the human. If you have walked upon this path, do share your story. Share why and how you had landed upon this path. Share how you overcame this situation. Today, you the suffering and the suffered are but the teachers of life.

The learned lessons are but the cure for all. The shared lessons are the survival guides for all to come. The travelers upon this path of depression are but the blessed mystics, the blessed teachers, the blessed saints of life. It is you the traveler who but holds the hands of the future students and guides them to safety.

I give you my love and my blessings, and I hope amongst us awakens those who have traveled through this path. As a guide, they could lead us out of this path. For all of you whom are but traveling this dark path, please know you are not alone. Each and every day someone somewhere is but suffering. It is the suffered who but feel their own pains, for it is impossible to feel the exact pain of the others.

Today, awaken not for yourself but for the others whom are walking alone even within a crowded room.

This society only sees the wealth, the poverty, and might, or the weak points, but not the personal wellbeing of the inner mind of the other soul. For is it not the wellbeing of all humans that but unites us? Today unite and be there like a wall for all to lean against, not to watch over them, but only be there when or if they fall. For this, we need a wall of humans who have walked within the path of depression. We need humans with humanity.

From the mystics, to the scientific scholars, to the travelers of this path, all join hands in union, and be there for one another. In union, we the humans will be victorious. Nothing can stop us. 

If you have lost a family member to this path, today walk with this group and share your stories. For tomorrow, your stories will land upon the hands of another soul in need. For then you would see your family member smiling from within those unknown souls.

Share your stories, do your part, and be the one to guide even one other soul.

Pretty soon, we shall in union overcome this situation too. I know tomorrow is yet another day. Always keep the candles of hope glowing for yourself and all the unknown travelers of life. 

I had a lighthouse installed by my pond as an example of hope. When I see the revolving light glowing in the dark, I know there is always hope. For she is guiding all the lost and stranded souls to safety.

Be strong and keep hope alive throughout all the obstacles of life. For hope, the teacher shall guide you out of all the hurdles of life.

Love and blessings,

*The cover image is a picture taken during my trip in the Netherlands, in Delft, of the New Church. 


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