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The common thread between the happiest and the saddest person on Earth is that they are both presently breathing. Like the day and the night have the same common thread, they too are both breathing and alive.

Similarly, night converts to day as dawn breaks through.

Within our life, we also move in from the house of sadness to the house of happiness. This knowledge was given to us throughout time as the past travelers have left behind their lived journals of life. Why is it with all of this knowledge available to us, we still suffer through the obstacles of life?

Physical and emotional troubled bridges appear without warnings, as they drown the people walking over the bridge and all of whom witness this drowning. Today, I was told about a sister trying to reach her younger sitter in time, so the young sister does not commit suicide because she was raped. Two social issues, rape and suicide, in one life. I do not know what happened as I only hope for the best.

I hold on to the hands of hope.

Today I also saw a family trying to cope with deadly illness, robbing them out too short. Again I only had prayed with them as I held onto the hands of hope.

Today I also saw a family trying to cope with the financial loss their family has to go through, they might have no home or job to support their young family.

Again I knew throughout all of these obstacles, we only have the door of hope. I have received phone calls from different friends talking about their daily work life and how each one had encountered a different life traveler for the day.

Each house on this universe has a different traveler with a different story to share. Within these tales, only the saddest ones make the headline. The rest go unnoticed or unheard of.

The dark nights’ tales remain lighted up within the dark nights’ skies like the blinking stars of the nights.

At the break of dawn though, all of these blinking stars go unnoticed. Or is it as dawn breaks open within our life, all the troubled travelers find a safe house and are saved from the drowning dark ocean as they get onto the ark of hope?

Let us look at the paintings of all of these lives. Like within a museum, they are all hung out but this museum is invisible and all of these problems go unnoticed until life moves on. The painter and the faces change, yet the problems remain the same throughout eternity.

Let us the humans living within humanity gather up and burn a candle for all obstacles of life. Also, let us not look at the faces of the passengers but in union save all whom ask, seek, and knock for hope. Let us be there for each other and slowly throughout time we the humans will overcome all the troubled bridges as we walk in union for each other.

The problems will arise and the solutions shall be found, yet let this journey of life be simpler and easier as we light up the candles throughout eternity.

Bring hope back to the hopeless. Hold onto the hands of the sad. Catch the tears of the unknown souls. We the humans throughout time shall live on as we hold on to the hands of the future through our gift of wisdom. On this day, as you become the glowing candle for another, know when your lantern will not burn anymore and your borrowed candle glowing within the stranger’s hands will become your Candles of Hope.

Awaken your soul for the love of humanity, hold on to the hands of the other for the sake of love and joy. Let not another soul be lost or drowned in the ocean of sadness. Today I must say, I question if life has given me everything. I don’t want to talk about my personal life. Yet, it’s true I have walked the path of sadness, the path of the suffered, and the unknown path where I had no help and dawn seemed so far away. I have however at all times held on to the hands of hope. At times I had felt like I was sinking in to the quick sand with no one on sight but hope. I had felt like I was floating in an ark in the dark ocean all alone and had nothing but the hands of hope.

I believe above and beyond everything, hope is the unknown saving grace for all of humanity.

Even when life gave me nothing, I gave myself the glimmer of hope through my faith upon hope.

Hold on to the glimmer of hope throughout the thunderstorms of your life. Protect this last glimmer of hope within your hands. Know the thunderstorms don’t last throughout eternity, neither does the darkness. Dawn shall break open and until then with all your faith hold on to the hands of hope. For even when all seem lost and nothing is even within sight, hold on to the hands of hope. Hope lives on throughout eternity, I want all of you to live, love, and be blessed within hope.

Hope blesses all as she crosses all shores. Let us catch on to her and awaken within the blessings of hope.

Blessings from Seattle,


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