I was driving through my small town as I watched a few deer running away in fear. I saw a mommy deer and her two babies running in the middle of the road almost ran down by a car. The car also was in danger but survived as the car owner severed to the other lane.

I was trying to figure out what was going on as I watched the birds flying away in fear. Yet, I ignored and did not give it a thought until my puppy started to cry in fear. I realized the fireworks had just started. It always made my puppy cry. I brought my puppy home and kept him within my embrace as he cried in fear of the fireworks.

I thought to myself how I had enjoyed the fireworks myself. This was the only day I saw all race and color enjoy in union. Strangers share drinks and food as all take shelter under the skies above and upon the Earth beneath.

This blessed sacred union should be celebrated within joy and harmony. Yet, even when all are but celebrating there is a group under the same skies and upon the same earth that hide within fear.

The wild animals, the wild birds, and even our house pets, all unite within fear.

I know when I feel the shivers of fear within my soul I call out to my Lord first then any company upon this earth.

I thought about my puppy and turned on doggy barking on my phone. My puppy forgot all of his fears and started to bark in joy. As the fireworks had subsided, I realized even though my puppy can’t speak he too finds comfort within the sounds of other dogs.

I know we the humans find comfort within the words of other humans or within the sweet and sad songs, or personally for me – prayers recited in union. I thought about my puppy and how he too found comfort within the sounds of unknown dogs. Strange how I never thought be it we the humans or be it the animals, we find comfort within our own group.

How merciful this universe is as where and when we need food, shelter, or just comfort within strangers of this universe, we are blessed to be gifted with the blessings of this universe.

Life is a sacred gift and I have seen within my life where I was left all alone, stranded, and lost, strangers appeared from the unknown and some with just words of comfort and some just by being there became my saving grace.

I knew as we were all enjoying our time with family and friends on the Fourth of July, my animal friends were all scared and running away in fear. I watched the birds flying together in union. Also, I watched the dear running away in union.

I felt tears fall from my eyes for them. I wish I could comfort all of them. However, I knew they were safe within their own habitat. They were within their own kind. In union, they too shall survive all of the obstacles upon their path. My puppy was happy as we were home in our own world.

Life is a sacred blessing and at all times as we try to find peace, blessings, and harmony within our soul. May we spread this sacred blessing from soul to soul throughout all the lands throughout this one world.

I know we the humans unite throughout devastation and disasters, but I hope we unite throughout eternity for peace and harmony not just in fear but for love and joy. For when and where there is the union of all race, color, and religion there are humans with humanity.

Let us unite for each other, not against each other.

Blessings from Seattle,


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