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Be My Destiny: Vows From The Beyond, book three of Kasteel Vrederic, is a passionate romantic fiction where the eternal twin flames sing to one another if only you are mine. If only the sweet passionate dreams of twin flames could have lasted throughout time. If only this world, this society, and individual family members all could have supported twin flames. What if everyone around this world gave their support to the blessed twin flames, yet destiny and time became their enemy?

Now within the bound pages of my book, you can meet with blessed twin flames who say, “Reincarnation is a blessing if only you are mine.” Come and get acquainted with my sixteenth-century lovebirds. Listen to their musical notes as they sing to one another from the beyond. Crossing time and tide, they land upon the twenty-first century. Like the rising phoenix, they rise from ashes as they seek one another and say, Be My Destiny: Vows from The Beyond

Twin flames might be mortal but their love story is forever immortal.

Love is immortal even though life is mortal. Yet as the heartbeat stops beating, then life too stops living. What if a beloved’s heart only beats for her or his beloved? Then their hearts will guide them to one another, even though they may have to wait for centuries. Some love stories never end as they live on as long as you believe. Come and get acquainted with one such couple who throughout time have kept their vows from the beyond. 

In this immortal, paranormal love story, even the cold walls of a castle could not unbury the truth for it was buried within the hearts of the beholders. Yet even if the castle could not help, find out how some of the spirits of the castle try to help even though they too were amongst the buried. 

Travel time and tide through three continents. 

Journey through the mystical land India, through the footprints of an immortal love story. Visit the land that has been blessed with mystical love stories. Come and stay in Seattle, Washington and get acquainted with the Evergreen State, as the story begins here within the magical waters of the Puget Sound. Water is another name for the immortal drink of life. Find out if the waters of the Puget Sound grant the eternal twin flames the gift of memories.

Fighting their biggest enemy destiny, twin flames Erasmus van Phillip and Anadhi Newhouse are reborn through the door of reincarnation, only to lose their battle to destiny. Now in the twenty-first century, they both end up in another country, known to you and me as my dreamland, the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, they will end up at a historical stone castle where the hidden truth was buried within the unjust wheel of time. 

A paranormal infinite love story.

Travel through the pages of a paranormal, infinite love story where you too will turn the pages to find out if the twin flames have finally found one another. Or what if they don’t find one another because their own memories become an obstacle? Blessed through the miracle door of reincarnation, guided by the blessed door of dreams, they were given another chance to unite. Yet will they unite with belief? Or, will they not believe in their own destiny?

Calling one another they were reborn from ashes. Yet will they see one another through the eyes of the past? Or, will they unveil the truth through the visions of the present? Anadhi, a twenty-first-century woman awakens with all the memories of the past lives but will she recognize him and how does she accept this in this century?

Erasmus van Phillip is a Dutch nobleman who has trained himself to lock up all of his feelings within his chest. Will he win the battle to fight his emotions and accept whom his heart guides him to? Or will he ignore the warnings for his heart he had left behind with another woman who lives in the sixteenth-century with a different face?

Three continents unite through an infinite love story.
I bring to you weaving through three different countries and three different cultures, a paranormal, everlasting romance fiction. Here you too will get to visit three countries. You will walk with the past, the present, and yes the future, all through the blessed pages of another everlasting love story that takes birth only once in centuries. A reader has said this romance story will last within her soul forever. 

After you read this eternally beloved, evermore beloved romance fiction, you too would say I shall never let you go.

Twin flames are tied in a knot through their given vows.

Find out if the vows recited by the immortal twin flames to one another was kept throughout time. Rising like the phoenix, they searched for only one another, as Anadhi asked her beloved,

“Will you recognize me?” 

As Erasmus had said, “Anywhere, anytime.” 

They both had said,
“Reincarnation is a blessing if only you are mine.”

Now you too can read this everlasting romance story, as some stories never die. Today you too can find out if Erasmus and Anadhi’s taken vows were stronger than even death. 

As they said in union,
Be My Destiny: Vows From The Beyond.

Awaken your faith in true love stories, as you read a love story that will become immortal.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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