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A gift given is a blessing hidden in a box. Wrapped in gift wraps are actually hidden blessings from a human whom you might know or at times you will get to know. My gifts for all of you are being wrapped up in a blessed gift box. Within this box, you will have your blessed blessings. These boxes contain my sacred books, I have written for all of you. This is my way of creating a bridge through blessings and love between you the reader and me the author. Our bridge of union is my books. I call this blessed gift, my book giveaway. 

Forever, you the reader, and I will have a relationship through the blessed pages of these books. As a child, I stayed awake reading my favorite book. As a teenager, I loved my alone time when I could just go into the world of my own books. Even on vacations as everyone was busy swimming in the clear blue Caribbean Sea in Jamaica, I spent my days and nights within the pages of my favorite book.

On my flight back from Jamaica, I had sat next to a person who was dreaming of publishing her first book. I told her I had written my first book yet I don’t know if I ever will publish it. She asked me why? I told her I don’t know the answer. 

Years after, as I brought my laptop out, I still had the drafts of my first romance fiction.

I had written quite a few of my nonfiction books, one after another. All of my books were accepted by my beloved readers. Yet as I fell in love with a country I call my dreamland, I wrote my beloved book, The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams. I then had to do more for a country I love from the inner depth of my eternal soul. So, I wrote Everblooming: Through The Twelve Provinces Of The Netherlands.

Loving a country I was not a citizen of, made me think love is immortal and does not need a bond to prove its existence. For I could not write or explain to anyone in words why I loved a country I had no bond with.

Yet I admired the Father of the Fatherland and knew he too loves me just like I love and honor him.  I wanted to gift him something from my inner soul. So I wrote my two books where I also wrote poems for each province of the land I call my dreamland.

After my books became number-one international bestsellers, I knew it was time I share my romance fiction books with the world.

So, I published my first non-fiction book of romantic poems. I call them my never-told, never-shared feelings of a beloved, only seeking her twin flame. I call this book Love Letters: The Timeless Treasures. As this book is filled with endless treasures I call poems, these are my love letters to my beloved. 

After this book too became a beloved treasure, I then gifted you my I Shall Never Let You Go book series as my message was “if only you were mine.”

You have the first two of the three books. The third one is on her way out very, very soon.

Then, I published my first book I had written years ago as I traveled around the globe. Yet as I traveled through India, the Netherlands, and within my own land the USA, my book took its complete form. As I sat next to a passenger I probably won’t recognize yet her words still remain with my ears, why not publish it if you have written it! I have now finally done what I began to do as I wrote this book years ago.

Now you too can read this book I had started my life of an author with.

From this book, I weaved my I Shall Never Let You Go series. With this book, you too will see how the inhabitants of Kasteel Vrederic had begun their love stories. How this Kasteel and her Lover’s Lighthouse brings all twin flames in front of her only to say to one another, “These are my vows from the beyond.” Two flames who were divided throughout time are united within the pages of my eternal immortal love stories as I finally have for you, my first book that began within the Netherlands, India, and the United States of America, my sixteenth book. I call her Be My Destiny: Vows From The Beyond.

I am blessed as today I am able to give some of my books as a gift to six very special people around the globe. Today you too can hold on to these books and say the best gift ever are the books written with love and blessings. For your future generation in another century will read this gift you left for her or him. Your future generation will share the bond of love with you through the pages of these books. My characters from the sixteenth century have left behind their diaries to share with their future generations of the twenty-first century. Today, I too will randomly select some of you to give my love and blessings through my giveaway.

For all of you who have entered and do not get selected, as only six will be, please know you too can share this love as all of my books are available on Amazon. Now my books are available in paperback and hardcover. Also, I do have book trailers which were made for the books on YouTube and on my website.

Remember all of you will have my blessings and love with you forever.

All you have to do is open the pages of my books. For within these pages is all my love hidden only for you. Enjoy entering the giveaway as if I could, I would give away all my books for free. Maybe one day, when I am able to I will. Until then, you can always find my words of love and blessings in all of my books. 

I hope you open the pages of my books when and if you ever want to get a message from me. Or, just know these are words from an author who truly loves you. For this reason, I now am trying to gift you my blessings through this blessed book giveaway.

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Ann Marie Ruby

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