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After a year of living with cautiousness, the world population has finally found freedom to live again. The world citizens who lived and survived the year 2020 know the fear-gripping nightmare of COVID-19. Where summer vacations were canceled, family Christmas dinners were canceled. Funerals were performed in seclusion. Wedding vows were taken without family or friends. Yet today, we were all given an all-clear signal. The green light to go and be yourself as soon as you are fully vaccinated is on.

Yet I would want all the drivers now on the green light lane to be aware of the drivers who are still on red. For remember there are so many drivers who have red signals warning them not to be careless and risk others because they are selfish and careless. Yet remember these people don’t want to hear or see the truth but only themselves so you the summer vacationers of 2021 must take your summer vacation with care.

Today, we the world citizens are waking up with new hope.

The world’s top scientists have given us their biggest gift, blessed vaccination against our common enemy COVID-19. Yet within us are so many who have not accepted this gift but object and question the blessing even though the world citizens have all mourned the loss of life throughout the nightmare of COVID-19. Yet I wonder how could they not see the loss of life? How could they question the vaccination and not the virus that they helped spread? “It’s the test of survival of the fittest,” I heard some say. I thought then we the fittest must all protect the frailest. 

I still remember as a young teenager visiting New Haven, Connecticut, I was caught up in a windy New England rainstorm.

As a very petite woman, I could barely keep my very fragile and tiny umbrella up above my head. With a tight budget, I had bought a very expensive London Fog raincoat and rain boots. I thought I looked very fashionable. Yet I did not spend money on my umbrella. My long hair was left out as I don’t like putting my hair up. It was then my umbrella flew away, my unattended hair became a soaking mess. My very last money spent on my very expensive raincoat did not help me as I got drenched by the New England rain showers. I started to cry as I missed my bus. I knew I had to either walk a long way to catch the next bus or wait here for another hour or so for the next one. 

There was an elderly gentleman who came from nowhere and stood by my side.

He gave me his umbrella and said, “Those very fashionable umbrellas are nice and fancy but you need an umbrella like this very ugly one. It keeps this old man safe and protected, and I will keep you safe and protected until your bus comes.” 

I shared his umbrella and had a very nice talk with a gentleman I would always remember even to this day. I never saw him again as I had left New Haven and don’t know where my friend of an hour was. Yet for the hour I had stood protected under his umbrella, I had promised myself I too will protect all who need my protection, be it in the rain, the sun, or from a very contagious virus that today risks all lives, the old, the young, and even the newborn.

Today after more than a year, we have all come out from a nightmare that had started for the world citizens in the year 2020.

Yet for me, it actually started in the year 2017 when my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby was published.

I had predicted COVID-19 in my book. I had also said this virus had spread from some kind of lab and was tested on animals. Afterward, I had also predicted more as people were teasing my dreams on social media, asking since I had known about the virus then did I see the prevention? I had then on social media told all yes, I had seen the prevention would come from a vaccination of some kind. I also predicted as I told all there would be three shots. First two would be given and then a third would be like a booster. These were all parts of my dreams.

Yet the general public would not believe a small author who openly shared her very personal dream diaries publicly. Don’t believe in my dreams or my diaries, but do believe in the worldly scientific scholars who today have proven my dreams were one hundred percent true and very real as I had seen the dreams alone on very cold nights. But we the world population had seen my dreams come true in the daylight hours as we have all lived through it, in the year 2020 through now 2021.

I was very upset at the harsh words of the critical humans and wondered why do people always criticize and not be nice and just not say anything when you can’t say anything nice?

Today I ask you the harsh minds to at least not risk all others because you alone don’t believe in the blessed vaccines against the deadly COVID-19. You don’t want to be vaccinated so you risk all others around you, only to prove what?

I bless all of you who have gone and had your vaccination, even with the fear of the unknown vaccine and its side effects. It’s like the gentleman who had kept me safe under his umbrella even though he and I got wet in the rain. He told me that I had reminded him of his granddaughter, and was extremely kind and honorable. For him and his bravery, I too kept his given lessons of life and have taken my vaccination when I was able to take it. Not only to protect myself but all others around me. I know I too have the risks of getting wet as all others who share the umbrella of vaccination with their human family members. At least we are all on the same boat together. For one another, we all have decided to take this step. 

I call this humanity, as we are working for one another not against.

Protect yourself and protect your neighbors and friends. Let us all walk out of this nightmare holding on to one another. Oh the humans with humanity, please remember the scientific scholars are our friends. They are the soldiers, who have sent their canoes out to pick up all the citizens. Yet they will only carry all whom choose to come, out to safety.

Yet on this boat of safety, it is you who must want to take the ride out to safety. No one ever said the ride will be a safe ride, for it might be a bumpy ride. But it’s our only way out together as the human population. Let’s work for one another and let’s all again hug one another. Also let us feel good about a basic hug that comforts our inner soul. This hug we all have so much needed yet missed because we love one another.

Today, if you are planning your summer vacation, do it safely. I would want all of you not to take off your life vests called basic safety measures.

Even if you are vaccinated, remember the new variations that are spreading around us. Aside from being vaccinated, do try to keep a distance and masks on if you still can. I know everything seems clear yet I had seen for myself at least there were three doses. I am fully vaccinated yet with two, so it means I must take the third one yet still. So I believe the new variations are still a risk roaming around in the dark. We will all be in the clear soon. As the scientific scholars are ahead of the game and are getting the third dose ready. 

So my message is very clear and basic. After being cooped up within the lonesome nights in fear, it feels really nice to see the daylight. Now please don’t let your guard down. Avoid getting back into the lonely dark rooms locked up again. Only because we were all careless. Go enjoy your vacations yet with caution. Remember you never know who your companions are. Whether they too got vaccinated to protect themselves and you, or if they are the risky group, who are only worried about their temporary self-comforts and not yours. This summer, if we are financially able to go on a vacation, then let us do it with caution. 

World leaders who are all out in the open because you are vaccinated, I congratulate you. Yet I ask you, what have you done to make sure all of your population too are vaccinated?

Be the example and keep the umbrella open for all of your citizens. Protect them under your caution of warnings and guidance. Be an example and you too do what you expect your citizens to do. Be the voice of caution rather than being the voice of carelessness. Remember if you are a world leader, don’t worry about the harsh voices of the wrong. Yet do the right thing, even if you are being criticized by the harsh voices of the wrong.

“Work for all of humanity not just for you the individual. Individually we cannot cross an ocean. Yet with holding one another’s hand we can even cross an ocean as we then create the human bridge.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

Blessed humans across this globe, don’t let down your guard. Do remember the storm is not over until we the humans across the globe are all in the clear. Ask yourself the world citizens, are you in the clear? Your human body is your Earthly vehicle which carries you through the journey of life. See if your vehicle has taken the vaccination and is in the all-clear. For I say watch your halt indicator, is yours red or green? Spend your vacation with care.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

*Picture from Scheveningen, the Netherlands.

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