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2020 was the darkest year in history for all of us in the present wagon of time. Like all dark nights do come to an end, this year too shall end. A huge celebration takes place within all lands, throughout this world as one year ends and another year begins. This year’s celebration is also a huge revelation through scientific breakthrough.

After the gloomiest nights through a year’s struggle, dawn finally comes through as 2021.

We the humans of all race, color, and religion have waited for a miracle breakthrough from the beyond. This year, we the humans united against our common enemy called COVID-19. Here, we forgot our enmities toward race, color, and religion as we fought our biggest enemies, death and time.

We realized it was time to save one another and fight for one another not against. This year taught us the true meaning of humanity. We saw tear falls create a reflecting river this year. This river though is only visible to the humans with humanity. All these people feel drowned within the need to help one another. These people can feel and see the painful burning salty waters of the reflecting river. If you somehow missed out this reflecting river of tears and its waterfalls, then you must have been asleep with your eyes open and the door to your inner feelings closed. So, you missed out on life and its course of inner feelings. Today, this river, however, has crossed land after land and united this one world with its reflecting tears.

Rivers become oceans and they cross land to unite countries. Today, we have found our human tears too are more powerful than any borders or walls separating lands. These tears have united all humans across the world into one home we call humans with humanity.

Prayers erased all religious differences as they united all humans into one home.

Here, I watched all different faiths light a candle for one another. I had seen all humans cross borders through songs of prayers. We crossed all roads through love for one another. I had taken my paper and pen in my hands as I had given you all my prayer called, “Candles Of Hope.”

This year we were told to stay indoors. We were asked to wear a mask. We were told to keep a distance from one another. It is like you all are so close to my inner soul, I had to keep a distance from you. I had to wear a mask for you. I had to stay indoors for you. My love for you and your love for me separated us for one another this year. This year, I united with you through distance. I now believe even time and tide can’t keep anyone apart, if you are united through love and for love.

The distance kept us apart, yet this distance brought the scientific scholars closer to us.

They sacrificed their days and nights to bring dawn back into our lives. The scientific scholars knew this sacrifice was all their love for the humans and humanity. It is their sacrifice that has found the glimmer of hope back into our lives. Today, we the humans all trapped inside a tunnel can finely see the light at the end of the tunnel. This light is also called hope. Hope finally found our door as we were all knocking on her door. Never giving up on hope, we all fought this dark year. I always believed in hope as I knew, “Where there is no hope, there is but one.” I had written this prayer in my prayer book years ago.

Just like my prayer books, I had written my prophesy book called Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby where I had predicted the pandemic called COVID-19. I only saw the pandemic and I also saw the cure as predicted on my social media, yet I could only predict but not cure any one of you. So, like all of you, I too prayed for a breakthrough from this dark year.

Our prayers were answered as today even in the tunnel, we all see the candle of hope.

I call this candle, dawn. Finally, the scientific scholars have found a breakthrough to end our combined battles, our united struggle to save one another. The world now has the prevention to this pandemic and is sharing with one another to save one another. No rich or poor, no race or color, nor any religious differences are here for here we must save one another. Again, here at the end of the year, we must help one another. We started the year with warning one another. We let this call go beyond the borders or walls that divided us. Then, through this year, we fought for one another. Now at the end, we are providing for one another the blessed prevention that will remove the dark nights and bring in a new day filled with hope.

2020 was the darkest year in our lives. So, let us now end this year with hope as we see at the end of the year.

“Hold on to the hands of hope as she is the only path to victory.”

A quote I had written in my book Spiritual Ark: The Enchanted Journey of Timeless Quotations.

Let us all ring in the New Year with hope. Let us call 2021 the year of hope. So, on this day as some of you are ready and some of you are still getting ready to ring in the New Year in seclusion, I give you my prayer I had called “Candles Of Hope.”

Ann Marie Ruby

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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