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The year 2020 has ended yet the leftover darkness glooms around.

The year 2020 will forever be known as the year of the world health crisis.

All around the globe, an invisible enemy called COVID-19 had entered without any invitation. Fearful of this intruder, all humans across the globe had closed their windows and doors. Global citizens had placed warning signs around, asking the intruder not to enter. Yet little did we know, thousands fell prey to it even without knowing. Refusing to let go of one another, we risked one another. My love for all of you is so great, I kept myself away from you. In 2020, I was taught by the scientific scholars, love could be dangerous, and the only path to survival was to keep a distance and put on a mask.

So this year, I kept my distance and put a mask on to save you.

My hope is until the invisible intruder is taken care of, we will protect ourselves from it by following the guidance of the scientific scholars. Like all of you, I too stayed in my protected grotto to protect myself and all of you. I bid my farewell to a year of darkness and the year this world fought the world health crisis. I pray 2021 is not a year of a hate crisis.

Today standing on the shore of a new year, I look back at the year gone by. Tears filled the land as memories of the people who were left behind fill the air. Planned lives together ended without any given notices. The survivors of 2020 are all walking alive yet imagining if this is a nightmare or reality. Will we all awaken and find out we were all in a nightmare and dawn just broke open? As I had personally rung in the New Year and welcomed 2021, I realized this was not a dream but a reality. Yet this was all in my dream years ago, as I had warned so many in my book, Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby, published in 2017.

I had tried to do my share as all I could do is warn you for dreams are just dreams until they become a reality.

Never did I know so many of my dreams would come true in the same year. I was asked by so many if I knew how COVID-19 would end. I had predicted it would end with the scientific intervention of a vaccine which I had told you would be in multiple doses. Also, I saw the number two and three. As it seems, we get two doses, three weeks apart. Again, I could only guide you and not anything more.

A small Earthly vehicle I have, and what could I do without help from a big Earthly vehicle? This world only sees and hears words from a big vehicle or a truck. A small car on the road of life gets lost within the crowd of huge vehicles. Yet I kept on going, as the journey through life is long and even with this small vehicle, I must complete my share on this Earth. So, I wrote more books this year.

My twelfth and thirteenth books were published in the year 2020.

Homebound with a pen and paper, I completed my two beloved books. One I call Everblooming: Through The Twelve Provinces Of The Netherlands, which has everblooming stories of the past inhabitants of the Netherlands. My readers have called this book a must read for all people looking for inspiration from the past inhabitants of a land I call my dreamland. Also, my other book is Love Letters: The Timeless Treasure, a book filled with enchanting love poems for all romantic souls. My readers have called this book a treasure for the romantic souls.

This year, my readers also have made my books international number-one bestsellers. It was a blessed year as an author, as my books have found their audiences and their permanent homes. Yet as the year came to an end, I wondered what message I wanted to pass on to everyone who is homebound. What have you accomplished this year? Did you find a hidden passion where you too could grow from?

My message through my book Everblooming, is the past inhabitants always guide us throughout eternity.

The inhabitants of my book have guided the past and through my books, they will keep on guiding as they have found a permanent home within the pages of my book. Look into the past for guidance. Through my book, Love Letters, I want all of you to keep your hope alive through the magical enchanting words of a love poem. Look into the future with love and hope, for then you will be able to go on. When your feet stop and feel heavy as they can’t move forward anymore, it is then I want you to open my Love Letters for hope and enchanting, magical, spellbinding poems to keep you afloat.

I know 2020 was a year of loss.

On top of the lives lost, families could not even bury their beloved. Thousands have lost their jobs, homes, and businesses. All around the globe spread sorrow and despair. Yet you must find something to go on. Even within the dark night, we must hold on to the hands of hope. I found hope in the word hope.

Into my life, I brought hope back through my pen and paper. I knew I could spread this light around the globe through my pen faster than any virus. Where religion, race, and color separated the humans, I brought them back into one home through my prayer songs I call Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest and Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul. Again, my readers have found them spiritually refreshing and awakening. I knew hope would be within my prayers like “Candles Of Hope,” a prayer from my book Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest. You too can recite these prayers and find your inner peace as they were written within peace.

As the year 2021 had come around the corner, I knew this year another book of mine would come into the light, The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic. This year I had called the year of hope. Yet I know hope will come after we individually awaken within hope. We must then unite for hope and spread hope to all the homes across the globe. Otherwise, again we will all suffer as the world will remember the year 2021 as the year of the world hate crisis, where hate crimes will spread like the unattended virus of 2020.

Today, you too can do your share.

Don’t wait to think you are a small vehicle and you can’t do anything. In this case, all you have to do is look into the reflecting mirrors of your own life. Eradicate all hate from within your inner soul and then see the world from the eyes of the prey not the predator.

Awaken your inner soul and ask all world leaders to begin their work to eradicate their lands of the predators of hate crimes. Through eradication of this invisible inner hate, we can again have a peaceful and serene world. The world climate crisis is a threat we must pay heed to. Otherwise, our one world will be extinguished. I believe like the climate crisis, If we do not eradicate inner hate from within our inner self, our one human race will be in danger of extinction, through division. We must awaken and prevent this catastrophic storm from brewing any longer. Read my book from my perspective. Walking through my life, I did not face much racism. Yet, I have not been unharmed or untouched by this crime.

If I, a small vehicle, can feel the burns from this brewing fire, I wonder how far this fire has spread.

I urge all of you to give me a helping hand in eradicating this wildfire from burning any further. Let us stop the Earth from another pandemic called the world hate crisis spreading before our eyes.

I know we have all bid our farewell to the year 2020. Today, we have all stepped into the wagon of the year 2021. With pain and sorrows left behind, we must all move on forward. A promise of a better and a healthy new year takes life through our combined journey of life. We can learn from the past and carry the learned lessons to the future as we act upon them in the present.

So, my resolution for this New Year is to spread the word hope around.

I would like 2021 to be filled with hope and blessings for all. I can do this by spreading the warnings of a world hate crisis that will brew and spread like fire. You can prevent this by eradicating this hate from within yourself and warning all others around you.

My message to all of you is let this year be the year of healing spiritually and physically. Eradicate the world health crisis of 2020 and let us in union eradicate the hate crisis in the year 2021.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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