If you or anyone you know is contemplating or thinking about suicide, please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline now.

United States: call 800-273-8255 for the Suicide Prevention Hotline. For life-threatening emergencies, call 911.

United Kingdom: call 116 123 for the Samaritans Helpline. For life-threatening emergencies, call 999.

The Netherlands: call 0800-0113 for the Suicide Prevention Hotline. For life-threatening emergencies, call 112:

Oh the thirst quencher, do you not see the vast seawater is floating all around me yet its salty taste won’t satisfy my thirst? Just a glass of tap cold water at my dispense will however satisfy my thirst. It’s not what we seek but what we have yet don’t see. Yes, you the individual reading this post today might think you had the whole sea to yourself yet today you only have a glass of water. Your life feels empty and not worth living. Yet remember all you need to quench your thirst is the glass of water next to your hands yet you don’t see.

The heavy rainfall, the thunderstorms, or the cloudy skies are only there for a while. Don’t fear them and burn out your lantern. For your lantern will only guide you to the glass of water that was always by you. Don’t let life be taken away from you, by yourself or others, because you don’t feel like you have anything left to live for. Be the skipper of the sea and guide yourself and all out of the dangerous storms of life.

Share your glass of water and be the thirst quencher who knows the pain of thirst.

A dark morning as I woke up from a nightmare. I was trying to give water to the thirsty people who were thirsty. Yet no one wanted water from a woman whom they did not know. I was having one of my prophesy dreams, where I saw strangers whom I have never met. Yet I know life will take me to their shores. I watched a man thinking of suicide. I could only watch him, the stranger, thinking of all the things said around him as people never think but just say the ugly and harmful words, not giving a thought what these harmful words might cause.

Words are like bullets shot from the mouth like sneezes and coughs are viruses shot out from the mouth. So both of you the spreaders of viruses and ugly hurtful words are at fault for the pain and life your words might cause. In my dream, I knew I had the glass of water he had sought. However, he was too busy thinking of what life had taken away from him. I knew all around were so many people who too had thought life was a misery not a joy.

I wanted everyone to hear me out and know all you need in life was just a glass of cold water.

Why are you upset you lost the sea? People make mistakes. Yet when people criticize others, it’s as if everyone is a saint and all the people they are attacking are ogres. They forget the Lord has said, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

I knew the unknown person too wished he had not committed any mistakes. Yet the road of life is such we all make mistakes knowingly or even unknowingly. I watched a person crying out his tears yet he had no one to share them with. I wanted to help him as I knew today on Earth there are so many of us hurting. Yet we don’t have anyone to share it with.

All night, I prayed for the stranger even after my dream had broken at dawn.

A silent observer I was, who had screamed my lungs out to not even be heard. I cried to him, please let all the sorrows wash away within the hands of your Lord. Remember it’s his footprints on the sand not yours. For during the worst time of your life, he is carrying you. You don’t see him or hear him, yet you think he does not listen to you or hear you. I know he watches over all of his children as he says to ask, to seek, and to knock.

In my dream, I knew I must somehow find this person yet how? So, I thought I would write to you all. If anyone of you are walking through the worst storms of your life, take time out and find a family member, a friend, or a stranger, and seek help. If you think or know anyone who might need a helping hand, go out in the dark and give him or her a lantern to keep glowing through the dark nights.

Also, if the day is cloudy and filled with clouds and heavy rain, remember tomorrow it will be clear. Give your sorrows some space and have faith. Faith is believing not questioning. So, have faith in the future as she knocks upon your door through my pen and paper. Life is a blessed journey, for when sorrows hit hard, it is then we sing and let the tears wash away the pain. We let the eternal storms out and wait for the man or woman in the future to come and give us a hug.

Today if you are walking into the wrong road and all the glory of life you had sought is not there anymore, remember to get back on the road and keep on going.

Your turn will come. The road is long and hard. Yet you the driver must believe the u-turns and the four-way corners are there so we do get a chance in life.

Remember if we miss one junction, we just go around and get back on at the other junction. Maybe it is not our chosen one but just maybe it was chosen for us. Today we are upset and angry. Tomorrow, however, we will tell this unwanted pain and hurt, we have conquered and beaten even you too. We shall land upon the future together.

You the individual going through a sensitive time, please know there are a lot of us who have walked on very rough roads where our feet burned and felt the pain be it physical or be it emotional.

l know it’s hard to bear. Yet we all crossed the road carrying the pain and burdens. You too can do it, only with complete faith in yourself.

Life is a journey where tomorrow is not known to anyone, neither are your inner feelings. Everyone around this globe only knows how to criticize and not compliment even the given efforts of their condemned. Yet you can compliment yourself and be there for yourself tomorrow when you stand tall in front of everyone. Tell them you have trampled even this storm of life.

If only I could hold on to you through this hard storm of your life, I would. Like a human who cares for another human, I would tell you to do me a favor. If not for yourself, then for an unknown stranger who loves all humans across this globe, please don’t give up on life or yourself or your belief.

If there is one person who you know is going through an emotional turmoil, please walk out of your comfort zone and be there for them and with them.

They might want privacy and time, but I want you to be with them and make sure they have time with you in the future. Today all around the globe, people are going through depression. On top of it, there are human criticisms that encircle all throughout this world. It’s easy for you the critic to just write out your brutal thoughts on social media. Do you ever think what your harsh words do to the person who is suffering?

Use the social media to spread positivity not negativity. Use it to be with others. Convert this one world into one home through social media. Why break up people and homes through social media when you can grow with love for one another. Please check on your friends and loved ones. Do not let hurt and differences of opinion take one away from the other. Be there with one another for one another. I pray through the storms of life, may my words be a vessel of hope for all of you.

I believe in growing with love and forgiveness. To only positivity and the hands of positivity, I hold on for they will lead us to our destination.

Today with the first sight of dawn or as the sun is setting or if you are sitting in the dark, let go of all negative thoughts and believe in yourself. Be the lantern of glowing hope for all around you, as you become the hope of dawn.

Go to church, mosque, mandir, or temple of your faith for all of these houses only believe in you and positivity. On this Good Friday, I pray for all of you to find the strength to keep going as the journey of life might be hard but it is your dream that will come true through your happy and sad voyages of life. May this diary of life that is only yours be written and finished through your footsteps as you continue through life. Remember the Lord’s footprints shall be found on the sand during our hard times. The Lord wants us to make our footprints through our blessed life. Do not give up on life as life never gave up on you.

Try having faith in life and watch the storms of life go past us.

As we reach the rainbow-filled skies, we shall all know the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is, was, and shall always be you. That is why you find it at the end of the rainbow when you reach the end.

May all of you have a blessed Good Friday and a Great Easter Sunday. To all of you who had celebrated Holi, a blessed celebration of colors, spread this message to all around the globe. Life is filled with happiness and it should be celebrated. All of you waiting for Ramadan, may you all have a very peaceful and rejuvenating month. All of you who are celebrating Passover, may you too be safe and spread the blessings of this joyous and rejuvenating message around the globe.

If you do believe or don’t believe in any religion, remember the Lord loves you and believes in you.

Love all of the Lord’s creation and be there for one another. Do not be the critic but please once in your lifetime, at least once, do say something nice to your friends and enemies for they all have spirits. They might be different from you yet everyone feels the same pain and burns of life.

Be there for one another and then watch out for all around you. This world has gone through a lot together. Let us be there for all who are suffering in front of us and all who are hiding their feelings and suffering in the dark. I pray these nightmares where I see people contemplating suicide end through prevention, love, and understanding.

If we can’t do anything, let us at least not be the cause but be the prevention.

You the individuals who are going through the worst periods of your life, please know the storm will end. Tonight let the storms blow into your house. Don’t fear them as you will be the force who will see them in the daylight and say you were only a storm.

Remember to open the doors and let the rain and storms enter yet be there with a lantern in your hands as you are the brave warrior, the skipper of the stormy vessel who will guide all out of the storm as you are the knowledge. My father had said he had more knowledge about the pain than his doctor. He was the patient who had felt and gone through the pain. His doctor had only smiled in acknowledgement and said he was absolutely right. You the individual are the skipper through this storm. I know you shall be brave as we need you to guide all of us through the same storms you had guided yourself through.

Please hold on to one another and don’t let another life be lost through suicide.

Call the prevention line for help. Call one another for help. Be there with one another. If you are in a country where there is no help, then be the skipper through this storm. Today wake up and be there for yourself and others who are lost and stranded in the same storm you too are lost or were lost within. Remember there are so many lost and stranded waiting only to be guided back home through your blessed hands. You the one with the knowledge, the one with love and care, walk out into the dark and wait with all the lost and stranded with a lantern in your hands till dawn.

For at dawn, they will all know you are the one who has the jug in your hands. Forever you are the traveler who had traveled on the same path and learned life is about living not ending. Life is a jug of immortality through the hard learned lessons by the graduated students who are for all other travelers on the same path, the Hope Of Dawn: The Thirst Quencher.


Ann Marie Ruby


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