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“Be the voice of reason, not the voice of a critic.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

The loud voices of the wrong are dangerous in the time of a catastrophic storm.

The scientific scholars, the religious scholars, the mystical scholars, all have guided us throughout time.

Yet today, all are frightened to even voice their words of wisdom in fear of being ridiculed. I, a dream psychic, too had written my warnings and predictions to guide all through the pages of my books. Yet, the powerful critical voices never seek, knock, nor ask for the truth but only voice their words without any proof.

If critics could, they would criticize water for taking a circular shape or a triangular shape. Little do they know or even see, the water took shape as they placed it in their chosen bowls. The loud voices of the wrong make too many bubbles and at times they drown within their own words.

They are not the captain of the sea who can guide us back to shore. They are the ones who only see themselves in the frame of life, and not the faces of this one world. Within these critical times, we need the life vests, not the heavy weight that drowns all.

When crisis appears upon an ocean filled with swimmers who are trying to survive through the storm, it is then we lose the ability to think clearly.

From the doors of able thinkers, we find miraculous life vests thrown out to us in the ocean. These people without saying anything become our saving grace. Accept the life vests and do appreciate the ones who had given you this life jacket.

When all fails and life is at risk, it is then we need to work for one another, with one another. The lighthouse that guides all through a rough storm within the ocean never says anything but only guides. Today, we have the powerful forces of the wrongful voices joined in a group to only contradict the truth. They do not reflect on the tearful reflections of the lives lost who are trying to guide us by becoming a night star upon the blue skies.

Do not let your fearful anger drown all at the time of a crisis.

I believe anger has no shape or form as it appears from nowhere and when it leaves, it takes away things you never knew were dear to you. Do not lead if you are not able to see who is behind you but only yourself. This world is in a fog where we need the able thinkers in front of us, not the ones who only see themselves.

Today, I know our one world is involved within a catastrophic journey through a pandemic. What does a society do when she is economically devastated?

What are individual business owners expected to do when they are on the verge of losing all the things they have worked for all of their lives?

Do you risk your own life and that of others by opening your business too early?

What are people with underlying conditions to do when they don’t want to risk themselves or others?

As of May 15, 2020, losing 88,199 lives to COVID-19 in just the United States is a catastrophic pandemic.

This world has lost 307,001 lives to COVID-19 so far. Yet, we the individual citizens still question what are we to do.

I know these questions are fueling and impacting our rush decisions to take actions, even though our so-called actions could result in the domino effects of lives lost through our one man-made mistake. My answer to all of my own questions remain unknown. Individuals must decide for themselves what they could or should do. I personally can’t even think of the idea of being responsible for any other person becoming sick, or a family being homeless, or a family fighting to survive as all of them have an underlying condition that they never thought was life threatening.

I can’t advise or lead any one of you as I believe individually, we must awaken for one and all. An individually awakened person contributes and becomes a society when united with all. The society makes a country. We then have our one world. I can only ask you to think of all of us as you the individual awaken for yourself, me, and our one world.

I thought about being stuck on a ship that was sinking fast.

All around me were children, and the old and young. Who would I save and who would I let go? The answer was simple. I would ask all the able people to take the children and the old out to safety first. I know I would place a life vest on myself too as that would be the only way I could even be of any help. At all times, we must be calm and protect ourselves. We must protect all we can, and not be the cause of the pandemic but the cure. If we the citizens can lead people out of a crisis, then are we not leaders?

Do you call yourself a leader so you can lead? Or, do you become a leader to take yourself and all of whom need you out of a crisis?

Leaders are made throughout time as history retells the stories of individuals who had taken the first step to save all by saving themselves too.

As of today, I see all around the world there is one group of people who are panicking to go ahead, open all things up, and become normal. It is like you were kept in a cave and you feel like if you can only get out of your cave, everything will get back to normal.

As a child, when things would go wrong, I would hide under my blanket pretending things would go back to normal if I could just stay there and come out from under it.

As an adult, even now when life hits hard, I want to do the same. I want to pretend all is fine and just let the day begin. However, I know I must be strong and not cross the road when the light is red.

In the Netherlands, I saw they have red lights for walkers. One must be careful in the country of bikes, because a biker can’t stop quickly. I did get honked at and screamed at. I realized I had to wait my time and be aware of the bikers and their lanes to save myself and others.

Today, I have seen like myself there are others who are so fearful to get out of their caves and be a sacrifice or be the cause for another life to be sacrificed. Like a walker walking through the bike lanes in the Netherlands, one must be careful.

Here I ask all of you to think of the others and always know life is karma.

Whatever you throw out will come flying back at you as the circle is complete.

I had seen during the devastating floods of Hurricane Katrina, people had gone out of their way to help one another. Yet, I had also seen people breaking into stores and looting as the store owners were not there or able to protect their belongings.

I ask you, which group are you in? The group that loots lives out of a family at the cost of financial benefits for yourself? Or are you in the group that is sacrificing your financial gain and your freedom as you only try to protect the young, the old, or the complete strangers?

Can you send children back to school and be in peace that they are completely protected?

Is your haircut or manicure and pedicure that important that you are forcing hair salons to open before we can even say they will all be protected?

Dining out with your family or friends can’t wait, even when you know your action will be the only cause for a life being lost. But why?

Here the world leaders are being pressured to open the schools as some parents are forcing the leaders.

Yet I see the fearful faces of some parents asking, what if? Demonstrations are being held all over this world asking world leaders to open everything up. Yet, you the demonstrators will then flip and voice your anger at the same leaders when you personally will be affected.

I ask the world leaders to become a humanitarian first and not a politician. Today, even if you are unpopular, be the one who throws out life vests before another life is taken out too early. Protect all that you can by being cautious rather than regretting.

Economic crisis we shall all face as we all know this catastrophic storm will take away houses, jobs, businesses, and much more. Today though, let us try to take one breath at a time. Let us not think of what will we do tomorrow when rent is delayed, bills are in collection, or the roof over your head is at risk. I know buried within all of these problems, you are trying to breathe through the obstacles. Instead of all these problems that take the breath away from a person, let us all pray for the person who can’t breathe due to the coronavirus and its effects.

Let us not make it harder for the essential workers by crowding up the buses, banks, stores, hospitals, or by running out into the society only to find that the society we miss so much is missing because of our own greed.

Let us only go out if we have to, for if you don’t protect the others, then how do you see yourself being protected?

Within all of the obstacles we the humans face, we know we are creating a river out of human teardrops. We are all standing by the shore of a poisonous river, where we can’t swim, walk, or run through. Yet. we keep on watching as the saving gondola will appear from within the fog to take us across this poisonous river soon. The fog all around our mind, body, and soul is making all things foggy and making it hard for us to see clearly.

The fog will disappear as all things will clear up. Some will find themselves amongst the financially devastated groups. Some will find their homes lost and some will find their families have crossed over to another world where they can neither call nor get mail from.

Did I see and predict these devastations of COVID-19 as a dream psychic?

Yes, I did as I mentioned within my books. I had additionally seen it was then we the humans were standing up for one another. Also, I had seen after all the catastrophic losses, life moved on.

I ask you the individual to become a leader and not lead a nation or a group, but lead humanity to safety. Be the leader no one will remember as history will only remember the elected officials, not the one who stands for humanity. But, you will win as a human with humanity throughout time. This is a test for you the human to take up humanity first.

Do not be the wrongful voice who only shouts and hears his or her own words.

Listen to the results of your action, not the reaction of your followers. You might have convinced yourself and all others as your wrongful powerful voice overtakes the voices of the hurt and weak. Yet tomorrow, there will be the calm and reasonable voice of the miracle cure that shall not discriminate against you or the ones you have hurt. But this miracle cure shall also heal you. I ask the world citizens to unite for all across this globe with no race, no religion, and no color for all of us are just we the humans.

Today, do not force your ways unto others as it only benefits you. Be the human who holds on to oneself and all of whom need saving. United for all, we the world citizens shall find ourselves in a better and greater future.

As always, within a crisis, miracle makers are born as are opportunistic humans who you want to be or who you want history to remember you as.

Only you can decide. Today for the sake of humanity, let us walk slowly but safely. Let us not skip any steps and fall. Remember there are substitutes for jobs, houses, but there is no substitute for life.

Think again as you take the next step before being the angry filled powerful voice of the wrong. Be the voice of the calm and gentle as then your gentle touch of humanity will save humanity.

I also want you all to remember the words of the past as he had said,

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.”

-Abraham Lincoln

We have a universal crisis upon us.

We must give humans and time a chance as the answers are all hidden within our wagon of time. Without rushing, we need to think wisely. It is not just a person’s voice we are trying to save, but a life. These days I keep remembering, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Be safe and know we just need to get on the calming wagon of time.


Ann Marie Ruby


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