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Will life get back to normal?

Beware what you wish for, I heard growing up. Yet today I watch people force themselves to act normal and do as they had done before. I ask and knock upon all doors seeking the answers. Why are they acting to be normal and forcing nature before its time? A wish is made upon the stars at night and we wait for it to take action during the day. Yet this wish of doing as we please, this action will have a huge reaction as lives shall be lost. One wish, one minute’s pleasure can be a deadly karma for you and all your actions.

I have read and heard all around the globe, people are speculating about tomorrow.

Will life get back to normal? Everywhere I turn, I see people walking in despair, thinking only about what the future holds for them.

They are not listening to today but only worry about tomorrow. It is normal to plan for tomorrow as that’s the only way we can live today. Yet do remember today is here, so let’s pay attention to her and let her teach us. Tomorrow is the future so we can plan with the lessons learned as the past becomes the teacher who has taught us our life lessons for the future.

My question to all of you is, can you foresee the future? Then, why worry about tomorrow when you cannot foresee it? Why not plan for a better tomorrow by being here today through the guidance of our present teachers, the scientific scholars? Plan for tomorrow but don’t forget to live today through the storms of life. For if you get lost in the dreams of tomorrow, you will get lost on the path where you must convert your dreams to reality. Wait out the storm and know your boat will land on the shores as it will be guided by the candles of hope. You can all be the candles glowing for all through this catastrophic storm as you learn to float and become a teacher for all.

Dawn peeked through my bedroom window as I landed upon a bright sunny day.

My azaleas and rhododendrons are all flowering back with a bright smile. I saw ducks swimming in the pond and birds in my small birdhouses. Life is normal for Mother Nature as she welcomes summer back into this world. The birds and deer are all coming back for the apples, as Mother Nature welcomes the flowering apple trees back after a long winter storm. I too had welcomed them back as I greeted them this early dawn.

Yet there are no people visible in the parks or the lakes. Even my crowded downtown Seattle is empty. Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle is not the same market. Where have all the humans gone to? The same humans who would compliment a beautiful woman, the same humans who would tease a beautiful woman, the same humans who would hug one another, or the same humans that would put one another down through words of hate, where have they gone?

Throughout a cold winter, all the animals hibernate to protect themselves from the harsh winter storms.

Today, we the humans are hiding from our enemy, the catastrophic pandemic storm known as COVID-19.

I had gotten used to this quietness and serenity as I had moved two hours away from all of the big city hustle and bustle, in my quiet twenty acre park. Yet, I do miss them. Today, I know all of you asked to be inside your homes for your own safety and the safety of the others. Today, we the humans are hibernating from our enemy.

Yet today, I see some people still disrespect the stay-at-home situation and are breaking the rules to be with their friends or partners for an hour or so. Do you not think your one hour break could take a lifetime away from another person? I was shocked at a person’s comment, as this stranger wrote she missed her boyfriend and broke all rules to be with him. She wrote she could not stop crying, so she had to see her boyfriend. I watched another wife whose beloved husband was buried. She told a reporter on TV that she could not even be at his funeral service. She had young children who will not know their father. A lifetime of ever after had to end as some of you could not even stay at home when you knew you were not well.

Asymptomatic or symptomatic, all of us should be careful for one another.

Do not wait for the knock to be upon your door to mourn the others but let the sympathy of humanity take over and guide you to your decisions.

It is true, I cannot justify one person’s pain from the other, as we the humans take pain and blessings differently. The pain one can tolerate is very different from the tolerance of another. Maybe you can’t take being away from your beloved, your family or friends. Yet today, we all must sacrifice for our greater love of humanity. An example from my personal life is I am celibate not because of a religious belief, but because I believe in my twin flame and I know we will unite. Also, ever since I found out I am diabetic, I have not yet broken my diet or cheated even once. I controlled my carbohydrate intake and have taken control of my physical body as I take control of my spiritual self too. Is it hard? Yes it is.

When I pass a doughnut store or an ice cream parlor, I enjoy buying for my friends and know I will control myself until I find sugar-free doughnuts or sugar-free ice cream. In the Netherlands, I had to keep all my control over myself as I passed the famous stroopwafels, and other sweet shops. It was hard but easy as I checked my sugar level and it was normal. I knew this one-time fun that humans take actually can be harmful for our physical body.

We the humans must live for one another, not sacrifice one for the other.

To sacrifice for a better reason in my eyes is normal. To be able to give and not expect anything in return is a gift I absolutely love giving. Today all around the globe, people are asking, “What is normal?”

My answer is life is normal. To sacrifice comfort is normal. To be in the present as the situation asks for is normal. Being there for one another, even from six feet apart is normal. Is this normal for me? Yes, this is my normal for my love for you. Today, this is life as we all hop on the wagon together. This path is for you and for me. This path will take us to a better tomorrow, but with lessons learned from the past as a gift for the future.

I am, however, one of the fortunate ones who is known as a dream psychic who did predict this pandemic years ago.

It was hard to know what it was as I only saw death, disease, and a market place where all had begun. I had known this virus was similar to dengue, Zika, flu but deadly. I had seen some kind of scientific experiment had gone wrong and there was something to do with animals and human contact. Within my book, Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby which was published in 2017, I wrote about this. Just like this disease had come, I knew it would also leave us, but with a lot of pain and hurdles. I knew this would be a global pandemic. I had seen houses had foreclosed, people had lost jobs, and we only had one another to support each other through this catastrophic storm.

Will life get back to normal?

My answer is yes it will, with lessons learned for us to guide the future generations through. Not all will survive but our future generations will write their names on the tree of life. I had seen in dreams, there were a lot of trees planted and new life had begun as we crossed over all the obstacles.

Yes, I also saw there was an injection we were all getting in the near future to protect us from this deadly coronavirus. This injection was being administered I thought in one or three doses. The doctors were worried about people who were taking prescription drugs and their side effect to other drugs, I thought especially heart medicine, thyroid medicine, and such. Yet I knew under the observation of their doctors, people were being given an injection which I assumed was the cure or vaccine.

I also saw Mother Earth guide me to advise all to keep drinking hot boiled water with lemon juice, ginger juice, turmeric, and mint, for the in between time.

In my dream, I saw Mother Nature say that the heat of the sun and freezing cold temperatures could help.

I do take the lemon drink always as I like it, and it helps control my diabetes. I know some of the ingredients are anti-inflammatory so they should be taken carefully or not taken if you are taking other medications. Even herbal juices can interact with prescription drugs. Never take any herbal juices if you are taking a prescription without asking your doctors. As a diabetic on prescription drugs, I also have to be careful about taking lemon and ginger water as it also reduces the blood sugar level. Ginger can raise blood pressure if you have that problem.

So, how will life get back to normal?

With experiences from loss and pain, with hard-working people working for one another, we shall be back to normal. For me, it is normal to protect one another. For me to wear a mask to be safe is normal. This sacrifice is our combined sacrifice for our future generations. Remember in a war, people hide from the enemy until our protectors give us a sign all is clear. Victory is announced by some, yet some people do lose in a war. The survivors remain to tell the stories of the victims and the heroes.

In this war, we are all the travelers who see this movie in union, but suddenly without notice, you find yourself fighting within the battle. Be strong and know this battle will be over. The dark clouds will disappear after a long cry of tears. Here we all feel and see the pain of one another. We all know how it feels to be on the other side as we are all on the same boat.

When and how will everything be normal?

We will be ready for the next pandemic in union. We shall all unite for one another and remember there is no difference in race, color, or religion. This pandemic, our enemy, taught us she does not discriminate amongst us. So in union, we shall not discriminate against each other but only against our common enemy, the catastrophic storms of life. This war has taught me life is normal as it is. We are all on this wagon of life together. There are hurdles upon our path, yet we shall all reach our destination together safely with sorrows of loss and joy of knowing we won the battle.

One race—the human race, one religion—the human religion, one color—the human color is what the new normal of life should be. My prayer for all humans is and shall be, may you always be safe and protected under the love of humanity. This is my personal dream where I have found my courage for all of you.

My book The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic, is also a warning to people.

In this book, I talk about the job loss after a pandemic and if humans across the globe don’t unite for one another, we will find ourselves fighting another pandemic, called The World Hate Crisis.

Never give up on hope as she will never give up on you. Today is normal as we shall all paint a new and brighter tomorrow together. Let us all in union be together in spirit and love for one another. Remember, no one can take my love and loved ones away from my inner love, as I keep my candles of love and hope glowing through my dreams of a better future together. I want all of you to paint a better future for yourselves as you hold on to the blessed door called hope.

I, the dream psychic, promise you there is a tomorrow that shall come upon our doors.

Until the tomorrow arrives, hold on to the prayers of hope and blessings for all. Let this candle glow from your homes to all the homes across the globe today. If you are suffering today, then may my prayers reach you and your homes as I always recite, “Where there is no hope, there is but one.”

Believe in tomorrow as only then, she will bless you. For know, how can a better tomorrow bless you if to you she does not even exist? She must know your address as she can then come and knock upon your door. You must believe in her for her to be in your existence.

For all of you, I have my candles of hope glowing today. My struggles are my warnings from the past like a lighthouse. My learned lessons are my guidance for the future, as for you the tomorrow, I am the teacher.

With prayers for a better and normal tomorrow,

Ann Marie Ruby


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