Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light” seeks and finds answers to my unanswered questions of life.

Birth and death are always looming around us, yet we the humans have divided amongst each other. Race, religion, ethnicity, or self-proclaimed superiority or declaration of others to be inferior has in itself divided the humans.

I ask all of you to answer one question, why is it you declare yourself the mighty?

Could you the mighty live forever? Why did The Lord create different race, color, and religion? Who gave you the authority to proclaim yourself to be superior?

My love for this one world had my pen and paper write my book, “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic.” Through this book, my humanitarian efforts are to help this one world unite against all racial and religious differences.

I have taken pen to paper to show you that we the world citizens enter this world on our own and leave this world as our job on this world is but over. If you the powerful cannot prevent death and can’t prevent The Lord, The Creator from creating different race, color, and religion, then are you not an enemy of The Creator of all creation?

Come walk with me through the pages of my book, ”Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light” and see for yourself how there is only one entry and one exit through the journey of life.

All humans are individuals and each one of us must walk through life alone. Yes we have family and friends who stop over during our travels to accompany us and at times we help and hold on to each other, as travelers of life.

Yet at the end, we all walk alone with faith and hope as our only guides. Holding on to these candles, we guide ourselves. From the first breath till the last breath, we take a journey through life as the travelers. Our journeys become the lessons left behind for all the future travelers of life.

Caution signs we leave behind for them, yet we must remember it is their choice which path they end up taking.

On cold freezing nights, do you the traveler go out trying to find all the other travelers to give them a safe warm house to rest their tired selves? Or do you the selfish traveler try to find a warm cozy home for yourself?

Whichever you choose is your choice, but let the others be safe and do not become an obstacle for all the others. The stop sign shall come for you the divider and the obstacle of all, as the green light shall arrive within the lives of the weak and frail.

Today, instead of dividing amongst each other, unite for one another. Walk through my book and see how all of us have the same unanswered questions of life. Instead of fighting and trying to prove who is greater and who is weaker, know life is a one-way street. There is a no return sign at the beginning of this journey.

Walk through birth, death, reincarnation, twin flames, dreams, miracles, and end of time as you find within your hands my gift for all of you, my personal answers through these topics.

A humanitarian I had become as I realized life is a one-way lane where I am just a traveler. My footprints upon the sands only last until the sea water rises and wipes them away. Then, upon the same sand, it is your footprints that take place until they too get washed away.

Don’t worry about leaving behind footprints upon the sands or building a sandcastle for they too shall be washed away with the first high waves of the sea water.

Leave behind words of wisdom. Leave behind your life journey as an example for the future to be guided by. I believe if you the traveler could see the Eternal Truth of our journeys through life, you would accept all humans into one home of humanity.

Remember there is only one Creator and all creations are but the creation.

If you do not like any one of the creation, then you do not accept The Creator. You have a right to not like the action of the creation as our actions, good or bad, could be something we don’t agree upon.

If you are judging against race, color, religion, or ethnicity, then you are the mighty judge. I believe there is only one Judge, The Creator. You are not The Creator but a creation.

Learn and walk through my Eternal Truth and awaken yourself to the Tunnel Of Light. Know then there is only one truth, the Eternal Truth.

As you read through this book within your hands, I hope you don’t fear death as the Eternal Truth will guide you through life.

One of the readers of this book had written, “I thought the death chapter would be really scary and morbid. This chapter had a lot of interesting stories. It had so much proof and details through different religions and science. It made me believe there is life after death and death should not be something to be scared of. I loved reading this chapter!”

Death is a door just like all the other doors of life.

I want all of you to live life completely and live with life, not against it. Fearing death takes away the days from our lives, so today do remember not to fear the unknown door of death.

Your family and friends have traveled through this door ahead of you, and have sent positive messages to you through the door of miracles. I have talked about the door of miracles and some messages sent from the beyond within this book. You the traveler of life, have faith and know there is absolutely no fear even in death.

Live for hope of twin flames, another topic I cover in this book. Remember twin flames are individuals who separate to find individual identity, but are complete when united. Read through the Eternal Truth to find out about twin flames, and all the other topics I have mentioned here.

This book is my answers to the unanswered questions of my life. Find some hope within the Eternal Truth and know, “Where there is no hope, there is but one. Where there is no light, there is but one.”

You may order “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light” and all of my other books as well from Amazon or most major book retailers. Enjoy reading this book.

Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light By Ann Marie Ruby

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby





The cover image was taken during my flight from Seattle to Amsterdam!



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