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A foggy, misty, and cloudy day. Sprinkles of showers appearing in between the fogs. My mind drifts elsewhere as I was scared of a rainy day. Then I started to befriend the fading clouds, as I wondered they would bid their farewell soon. I was so frightened by the roaring storms, I would actually hide myself under my pillows. Then I stood next to the windows and watched the dancing rough storms of the night. I realized the loud noises are just that, empty vessels of loud sounds. I had to be careful and stay quiet while the thunders roared outside, yet I knew it was all temporary.

It was then I befriended the storm and told him you might scream all you want yet I will sing back at you.

I will dance within the rain and forget all my fears. I told the dark storms of life, I shall not accept the stories you write for me. Also, I told the dark storms of life I have been gifted the blessed pen by my friends from heavens above. I shall write my own story with the power of my blessed pen. It was then I started my journey to become what was not written in my fate, but what I must write for myself.

In a dream, I heard the Holy Archangel Michael tell me, “The beholders of a pen shall always be in the light, for the one who shouts and screams unjustly on stage for a few hours needs to know fame and name shall fade. Don’t look to be on stage but make your life journey a stage. Remember dear one, you have the power of a pen.”

I did not understand then what he said until I saw him again. The Holy Archangel Michael asked me, “Did you write the songs yet? Your books, your diaries, your stories yet?” In 2017, I did write my songs, my book of prayers I call Spiritual Songs. You can watch the book trailer here.

I published my book of spiritual quotations where I gained my own spiritual wisdom through. My spiritual journey started with my spiritual books.

My dream diaries became public in 2017.

I had predicted the pandemic which this day is called COVID-19 in 2017. Yet in my book, I knew something was yet to come. I did not know the name of the virus yet I knew where and how it would spread from. Later I also predicted the three shots we would all need. This book was my gift for the world. With a lot of criticism and fear, I had written this book. Yet I received a lot of great reviews as kind-hearted humans too were pulled to my dream diary.

Some have said, through my book they found a friend. Yet I did get angry comments on the book trailer. I received comments like how would you know we will be infected by a virus? My answer was, I don’t know yet only time will tell. It did tell in 2020. Watch the book trailer on my dream diaries here as even this was created before we knew anything about the virus.

Then I wrote my social awareness book about hate crimes.

I knew then we the world citizens have become a divided family in the one world we all live in. This book was again my cry for the world to wake up before it is too late.

I then wrote my thought-provoking spiritual book which has been acclaimed as one of the most thought-provoking books worldwide.

In this book, I walk over all the unanswered questions of life through my eyes. You can see the book trailer on this mind-awakening book here.

I had to write something for a country I call my dreamland, the Netherlands.

My gift to this country became a number-one bestseller overnight. I wrote not one but two blessed books for this sacred country. Yes both became bestsellers. Readers have called both books “best book ever.” Here are the book trailers for these books: The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams and Everblooming: Through The Twelve Provinces Of The Netherlands. My lonely nights became filled with pages of my books.

I was still lonely yet I knew I had the courage to write my love letters to my twin flame.

For wherever he might be, I only hope he reads them. I knew all the lost lovers searching for a sweet poem to recite to their beloved would treasure this sacred book of poetry I call love letters. Now at night, I too recite one and keep my hope glowing as I know where there is hope, there is always a way. I wrote my love letters in poetry format for all lovers around the globe today and tomorrow and eternally to recite to one another. Here is the book trailer for this book.

Then I thought about my journey through writing as I love writing nonfiction books but also wanted to create a world through fiction.

A reader had told me at times life felt too much to handle and she wished there was a world she could escape to.

Through my romance fiction books, I did complete my dream of creating another world. Somewhere where dreams do come true. Where miracles are found through wishing upon a lighthouse. Where even you too would want to escape within, even for a day. Forget all of your worries, forget all of your troubles and just be a part of this magical world I call Kasteel Vrederic. Why not come and take a break from all of the worries? Make your favorite drink and find a cozy place to sit in. Take a leap of faith with me and journey through this magical world.

Within the series of my romance fiction books, you will find your wishes come true. Learn about true love and the depth of eternal love stories where you will say, it’s all magical. Love is magical, not just a temporary storm but a complete journey. My romance fiction world is a place you would want to visit at least once in your lifetime. After I wrote my world of Kasteel Vrederic, I did get letters from the same person back. Remember she had asked me if I knew a place she could go to and feel better. She told me, these books have brought her back from depression and a world she hid herself within. She said she got her hope back. Those words for me was the stage I always want to be on. No other stage could give me the same blessings.

For today and tomorrow, my books are and shall always be there for you.

I am blessed as today I have your love and tomorrow in the future, I shall still have another stranger’s love as they will bless me when they too read the same book. The book trailers for this series are here, yet the latest book has been released and the book trailer is coming soon. Today in a very short period of time, I have written seventeen blessed books for all of you.

My journey continues as I have much more books lined up for publication as they are my promises kept to all of you. I shall always keep my promise given to a Holy Archangel and keep on writing my books. As I began the journey, I was scared and asked the Holy Archangels how do I do this? I then saw in another dream, the Holy Archangel Raphael gave me a pen and told me, “Just write with this” as he placed the pen in my hand and a stick on the road which became a road. He then said, “Now travel upon this path as the path is blessed and you too are blessed.” I woke up and did as he told me. I became an author as I created my own path.

Today I am blessed as you all have accepted my blessings given to all of you through my blessed pen.

I have written my books and shall always keep on writing them through only truth as I see them through my eyes. Also, I don’t fear the powerful voices of the wrong. I know the stage the wrong stand upon is temporary. For I fear not the brewing storms outside, nor do I fear the unjustly words of the unjust minds. For I only fear the words of the Holy Archangels because I love them more than my life. I fear them as I love them. Yet today I have without fearing the harsh critics of the critical minds written my books through my words, with my blessed pen.


Ann Marie Ruby

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