Love Letters: The Timeless Treasure


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Eternity finds herself a companion through eternal love stories, infinitely where the eyes see no beginning or end yet lives on forever. Eternal love stories find a place within the inner souls of all lovers seeking true love. My book of poetry takes her birth here. She seeks true lovers throughout this universe. For you the lovebirds taking birth life after life to find eternal love through the sacred vows of “I Thee Wed,” she was born. I call her,

Love Letters: The Timeless Treasure.

Love stories take birth everyday with true lovers finding one another. Yet the time they seek one another or the time they do find one another, or after they leave their places on Earth, we are left with love stories. Some are happily ever after and some are the sad songs we only spread tears to.

Yet all of these stories find a home in the pages of my poetry book.

Within each poem, you shall find an individual love song where individual love stories take birth. You shall find within each love poem, twin flames.

In this book of poetry, come and see for yourself how true lovers were united in a sweet poem. From ashes like a phoenix, they rose. Like sweet nightingales, they sought one another. As twin flames, they unite with one another.

You shall be praying for the true lovers who have devoted their life for one another, after you read these poems. With a fresh rejuvenated shower of the night skies, you will awaken as you visualize these amazing stories. You the half of the twin flame, shall learn the blessings and love of waiting for your other half. Within these poems, you will get acquainted with powerful inspirations of the beloved.

The pain and tears of separation too shall give you strength in your devotion for the ever after.

Within the help of a powerful poem, you too can sing like nightingales and robins, and even have faith, there is hope even in rising like phoenixes, to only unite with the beloved. As you travel through different poems and recite or sing with the sweet words, I have made it possible for you to visualize each story. I have illustrated each individual poem for you. Within this book, you can jump into the scenery and admire the twin flames of each poem.

This book of poetry is not only a collection of everlasting love poems, but also a book of illustrations. All artwork has found a home on a scroll next to each individual lovebird pair and their individual love story. Here you are in control of the movie and characters of each story. The skies, oceans, mountains, the everblooming gardens with cottages, and pavilions with wisterias and roses, are all drawn in with the individual poem. The set is ready, yet the story waits for you to enter the land of love forever.

This book is a world where you can jump into, in the middle of the night.

On a very cloudy and stormy night, you can forget everything and be in this book. This is the book your soul has sought thousands of years.

Stand by the salty ocean waters and quench your thirst with this book of poetry.

For thousands of years, twin flames have sought to quench their thirst with a fresh cauldron of love nectars. This book is your thirst quencher cauldron as the poems are your soul’s nectar.

Have faith in your twin flame and know like you, he or she too waits by the salty ocean water. On the top of a mountain so high, he or she seeks you. Today, you can find him or her as you call them through these poems.

Take my book and sing like the nightingales and the robins. Be the lovebirds and call upon one another. You will find your other half as that is my blessing hidden within the sweet words of my poetry book. With love for twin flames, faith in twin flames, and my eternal love and faith in the twin flames theory, I have finally written my book of poetry.

This is my book of sweet songs, as I call all poetry a sweet song for a beloved. So today, I recite my sweet songs of poetry for all true lovers and twin flames eternally.

These are love letters from you to your twin flame.

They are my love letters for my complete faith in twin flames. These are my treasures I am finally sharing with all of you.

Today, I would like to share my book of poetry with you all as they are my sweet songs, my poetry, my faith, and belief in happily ever after. To all of you who have asked me what are my views on twin flames, do I believe in twin flames? This book is my answer.

Yes, I like all of you do believe in twin flames and this is my book of poetry as my answer to all of your questions.

Hold on to this book as your sacred letter. Pass it on to your future generations as their sacred letters. Today, I give this book as a treasure to cherish and be blessed, through passing this on to your future generation as a gift. Keep this sacred tradition going throughout time. Recite this today with your twin flame and ask your future generation to recite this with their twin flames. Keep the tradition going as this is my gift for all of you.

I give you my blessings through this book as my gift. I call this sacred book of poetry,

Love Letters: The Timeless Treasure.

Love Letters: The Timeless Treasure


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Ann Marie Ruby

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