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This holiday season, do find peace as your sacred gift. Peace finds you when you open the door to her. Life is a blessing filled with musical notes of harmony when you sing the melodies of positive vibes. Remember your inner positivity when you are celebrating the holidays with your family or even if you are alone. This year is a sacred blessing in disguise for this year has gifted us knowledge of our one world. Through the hardships, we the world citizens have united under one home where we all seek good health for one another. This year, learn to accept one another and create a bridge through peace. Take the experience of this year, learn to live with one another, and create a bridge through peace.

Today I woke up with a call from two of my vegetarian friends.

They were trying to make a vegetarian friendly Thanksgiving dinner while trying to fit in the society of turkey dinner. Then, they faced the second challenge as they did not want to be a part of the spread of this catastrophic virus but a part of the prevention group.

Both of my friends needed guidance in what to cook vegetarian friendly without being pressured into making a turkey even though they do not eat meat. The societal pressure is huge. First, people try to be in the accepted group not in the rejected group. The second part this year is hard on all as do you travel and be a part of the popular group or be a part of the safe group.

I believe taking a decision that fits your personal path of your own acceptance is your chosen path. Sometimes we regret taking the wrong path and at times we find it was the wrong path that led us to our destination. Whichever path you choose, let it be with your own mind.

If traveling during Thanksgiving or Christmas, just try to be safe.

Keep the distance and do not remove your masks. Please try to avoid being in close proximity to anyone with underlying conditions. Do your share and let our one world heal.

Also, I do know how hard it is to be a vegetarian or pescatarian during the holidays. Actually, it is hard being a diabetic and going on a vacation or even to a restaurant. Life, however, is the best teacher as she takes you upon the journey and teaches as you travel.

I have been the student firsthand through all of these paths. It never bothered me if I don’t have much to choose from, yet I know it bothers the host much more. So, I always let the host know beforehand. If in a restaurant, I always do a checklist of their menu beforehand. I always take a tray of my chosen food for the host, in case she is not able to make it. It helps both parties. A very easy way to avoid misunderstanding is to talk it out. They are your friends and that’s what friends do.

For my particular friends, it is hard as they both even burn toast. I advised them not to cook and order food for this special day. Also, my advise is to remember to cook only what you can. A meal with a relaxed loved one is much more appreciated rather than a meal with a very tired friend.

This year, I just prepared a very simple meal.

I had cauliflower and vegetarian kebabs, rice, fresh cranberry sauce, and baked tandoori salmon for my pescatarian friends. I made boxes and had them packed. That way, everyone can eat at the same time and be safe. This year, we all had virtual dinners talking with one another, miles apart.

This year, I won’t visit any homeless shelters either so I can keep myself and everyone else safe. Yet I will still try to help all I can, as watching people line up for food on TV this year has been very painful.

All of you know I had written about these prophecies in my books and blog posts. I had predicted COVID-19 in my book and had also predicted the cure as I saw we would have injections in doses. Also, I predicted the financial catastrophe yet to come.

I just hope and pray we can all be there for one another.

It is going to be a very hard and dark challenging situation in front of the world population. Yet we shall all cross this bridge, and be within the safety of the future.

Until then, keep the candles of hope burning within your home and inner soul. I believe even when all is dark and there is no hope, there is one called the prayers of the innocent souls.

This Thanksgiving, I have my candles of hope glowing, for a better new year, where good health, enough wealth, and great wisdom is found. I hope for not more or less but just enough to sustain a better life and place for all citizens of this one world to live in peace and harmony.

My prayer for all citizens of this one world is may peace find you as you open the door to peace. In union, let us the world citizens unite this world as we create a bridge through peace.


Ann Marie Ruby

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