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It was a chilly fall morning as I took my morning stroll. Today, I have taken a few minutes to myself as I rejuvenate and awaken my spirit for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays.

Fall is the perfect time to rejuvenate, as Mother Nature teaches us through her changes, from fall to spring. The fallen leaves of fall and the new blossoms of spring, are an example of our journey through life. 

A traveler, I but am, as I too journey through life. I always see what else could I do for the wellbeing of this blessed world, our home. I know I am an individual who must walk through this life my way. Keep the examples left behind like footprints on the sand. I call the footprints learned lessons which people but leave behind for all. To follow or not follow, is but an individual choice. Place your footprints as you are but guided by all the footprints left behind by the travelers of life.

I picked up some pine cones for my holiday decorations as my log cottage gets herself ready for the holidays. Holidays are but a sacred journey through the lessons learned from our own individual choices of life. As a vegetarian, it is sometimes hard to plan a Thanksgiving meal. I have taken this challenge as a blessing. Each year, I prepare a sacred vegetarian meal for my family and friends. I have never felt overwhelmed and never let the holidays take over me. Rather, I stand strong and take control of the holidays with love and joy.


Food for me is as always a blessing from the Heavens above and Thanksgiving is an example of all my sacred blessings and a time of rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul. I don’t place my choices upon anyone as I accept invitations that come upon my door from all. I eat only vegetarian foods as that’s my personal choice. Yet, never do I allow my hosts to feel uncomfortable because I am a vegetarian. 

Always upon the Thanksgiving dinner tables, there are so many options, it is easy to pick and choose, without putting anyone down. I always try to have Thanksgiving dinner at my own house, be it with family and friends or just alone with Hallmark movies as my companion, but I enjoy Thanksgiving. Also, I have a small number of family and friends at my Thanksgiving dinner table this year, we have decided to light up the fireplace and enjoy a quiet movie night within my log cottage.


Allow yourself time to rejuvenate and if you are overwhelmed by the holidays, please always remember this is but a day that will be over, as tomorrow is yet another day. If you are sad and feeling lonely thinking of the goodbyes even before you have said your hellos, please know next year will come by again as time flies by us without even letting us know. I always have vacation blues even before I go on a trip, I get upset thinking of the return journey. During my last trip though, I had overcome this obstacle as I tackled this monster feeling with something I loved coming home to, my baby boy, my puppy.

Enjoy this day and this time, forget all about the obstacles of life even for a day. May your spirits be awakened as you light the candles of hope within your mind, body, and soul. For your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of all whom you but love, hold your hands in a prayer as you awaken spiritually.

Also, for all of the vegetarians, I share my own dinner menu. To all my non-vegetarian family and friends, do come over and share this meal with me as you too create a wonderful dinner just right for you. I will upload pictures on social media as I too light up the candles upon my dinner table.


I love and honor all humans with humanity across this globe. Please know today I will light a candle for all of you who too need a prayer for the wellbeing of all humans across this globe. May all the tables across this globe have a warm meal upon their plates as we light up the candles of hope across this globe. 

As a diabetic, I portion out my foods based off of carbohydrate counts. However, I want my guests to indulge. If you are a diabetic, keep a carbohydrate count of what you are eating as all of these are individually diabetic friendly but combined need to be calculated. I pick and chose, and won’t take everything on my plate even from my own table (LOL). I also always use “Diabetic Friendly Basmati Rice with Lower G.I. Index Value,” which you can find on Amazon. 

Vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and all of you, enjoy your meals and remember to be thankful. Remember and please light a candle for those whom need food on their plates. Be thankful for everything you have. One day, let’s forget everything we do not have and be thankful for this life. 

My vegetarian Thanksgiving menu!

Menu - Meal Planner (5)

UPDATE: Here are the pictures while cooking and the setup for the buffet! All made fresh by me! As you can see, I always do a buffet style. Everyone fills their plate, we sit and watch a movie, we don’t have dinner at the table. It was a very peaceful and relaxing time. We saw a horror movie, so all of us screamed together and it was really nice. After everyone left, for the first time in years I slept with the lights on. (The disadvantages of being single! LOL.)

You can click on one of the pictures and click the next arrow button to see all of them close up!

Blessings throughout the holidays,


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